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    Default how to get rid of pimples overnight

    Pimples tend to break out whenever they are really unwanted! I have a pimple on my forehead right now that I want to get rid of overnight. Is it possible? Hope you can help me.

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    Post Get rid of a pimple overnight - Simple technique that works every time!

    10 Steps to no more zit!

    If you've got a picture to take for school, a dance to go to, or just school, and noticed a new friend on your face, then you're going to love this helpful save.

    The procedure is very simple, no surgery involved

    1. Wash your face with acne soap like Clearasil. If you have really oily skin wash it twice, and dab dry with a towel (don't rub)
    2. prepare an ice pack using a zip lock bag, a thin towel some aluminum foil and of course Ice. Crushed is best but you can simply crush cubes if that's all you got.
    3. Put the crushed ice inside the aluminum foil and seal very well (interlock the edges by folding them into themselves) this will keep the ice cold and from melting too fast. put the foil inside the zip lock bag (again this helps it stay cold. You will need it to be freezing cold. (remove air before closing zip lock bag)
    4. Wrap this inside a thin hand towel; this keeps the temperature cold but without being too cold.
    5. After you wash your face put the ice pack on the area where the zit is. The aluminum foil and crushed Ice will form a mold around that area, if you have several zits you can make the ice pack bigger.
    6. Hold the ice pack over the zip for AT LEAST 10 minutes, this freezes the pores closed forcing out the oil and dirt. The trick here is a.) force out the culprit that's causing the zit, the dirt and oil that's irritating the pores, and b.) to dissolve it so it doesn't just spread to other surrounding pores and make the zit bigger. If you pop the zit it will get bigger because it's like a volcano in overflowing oil into surrounding pores! if you must pop the zit do so while its bathed in Noxzema (challenging yes but safe lol)
    7. After ten minutes apply Noxzema (or any medicated cleansing cream) on the whole face (just in case any oil escapes to avoid new zits) and rub in very well around the zit area. If everything goes well the zit should have shrank just a tad, and the Noxzema will absorb the oil and dirt.
    8. Wash off the Noxzema and dab with a towel (again don't rub!)
    9. Apply a generous amount of Clearasil or any medicated acne cream like oxy etc.. Make sure its a cream. This will absorb any excess oils that seeped out when the pores closed and medicate the skin helping it heal.
    10. Wait 4 hours and repeat. do this until the zit is substantially smaller. After two times you can go to bed and keep the Clearasil on all night and you may wake up with no zit! I did this in high school 15 years ago, when I had zits all over my face.. I made the aluminum foil ice pack into a whole face mold (and that wasn't a fun experience freezing the whole face) and substantially removed or lowered in appearance the acne on my face.. If it gets to hurting don't worry it will go numb shortly after and you wont even feel it there.

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    OMG is that possible..??
    I love My Skin

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    Apply fresh lemon juice to the pimple before going to bed for the night. Just cut a lemon and squeeze out the juice. Make sure your face is clean and use your fingertip to apply a dab of lemon juice to any pimples you have.
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    Try getting a topical ointment like a clearasil - you should also be trying to actively avoid getting breakouts in the first place by doing this:

    *Use skin care products that are water based or oil-free
    *Avoid eating a lot of food that contains iodine
    *Avoid sleeping with your makeup on too frequently
    *Avoid consistent touching or rubbing of the face
    *Rubbing your face dry with a towel (You should pat dry)
    *Wash your face BEFORE exercise

    Good luck!

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    Good advice Rene. I would also add that exfoilating your skin once a week would also be very helpful.

    What you put into your body also shows on your skin so eating whole foods and nothing processed would also be beneficial.

    Dryer sheets and fabric softeners also play a part in acne. If you use these products on your pillowcases they can also cause acne or irritate it if you already have it. Use a natural laundry soap, there are many on the market, and try to avoid fabric softener.

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    Why dont you use Himalaya face mask. I recommend this because I have tried using it before and it was really good. No need to worry because it is herbal and it dries your pimples quickly.

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    This is another method that I just found.

    Use a mixture of

    1/4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
    1 drop tea tree essential oil

    Put a drop on each pimple in the evening and you should notice a considerable improvement in the morning.

    I have been told this is amazing.

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    yup tea tree essential oil is a good alternative for acne and less side effects then other medications. But few people might have allergic contact dermatitis. There are no any over the night acne cure as advertised on other sites and TV.

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    That's so true. We need to realize that the body takes time to heal.

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