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    Default How To Prevent Nails From Chipping

    Any suggestions how can i prevents my nails from chipping and breaking, When they just grow up they start to break. any solution for this ?

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    You can look for some Nail Polish that prevent nails from chipping. Alternate is to keep the nails short as possible.
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    i used to bite my nails when i was young. i finally stopped when i was in cosmetology school because i got free manicures once a week. if your nails are hard and they actually chip try massaging cuticle cream or hand cream into them on a daily basis. also if they are too dry you might want to drink more liquids. my nails are soft and they tear. but i am about 100years older than you. have a manicure not with artificial nails but with your own if you can afford it. it is a great morale booster!!!

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    Don't use nail polish for a long time, it may make your nails easily breakable. For me Garlic juice had worked great. Just apply before going bed and and wash in the morning. do this every night and you might see the result within few weeks.

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    Basically nails are made of proteins and if there is a problem with your nails then there must be a problem in the way your body is using proteins or it is not getting adequate amounts of it in the first place.
    Having said that this may be hereditary as well.
    I guess you should increase protein intake to start with.

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    Default Long nails are back :)

    I used to have the same problem with my nails. They used to chip off instantly. Then, I heard of Himani Boroplus Hand and Nail cream through my friend. Its just amazing! My nails stopped breaking in a weeks time. Now, they are long and beautiful. I think this is what you need also. just apply it evenly on your hands with special care to cuticles along the nails and massage gently until the cream is fully absorbed. It works!

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    The nail growth is a hereditary factor and many things can be done to prevent the splitting nails.

    Avoid using the nail polish remover more then twice a month. It contains alcohol which makes the nails and the surrounding skin dry.

    Rub hand cream and nail oil in the cuticles and in the roots of the nails after every time you wash them. Moisturizing them makes them stronger and more flexible.

    Use a buffer to get a shiny and a polished look instead of using a polish since the friction created by the buffer stimulates the nail growth while nail polish has a drying effect.

    The length of the nails should not be more than the quarter inch beyond the finger tip. Keep the nails filed.

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    Zenisha thx for your tip
    I will try this for 2 weeks and see the result.

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    Stop using polish for a long period. The chemicals in the polish are what cause weak nails to become more brittle. One thing that worked for me really well was to take a clove of garlic off the bulb, peel the skin and using a fingernail cut it in half. Then rub the juice over your nails and under coating them completely before going to bed. Do this every night, washing them in the morning, and you should begin to see a difference within a week. I did it for a month and my nails became hard with a healthy glow to them. Garlic is smelly, but if you don't mind the smell, this works! Sadly, when you stop, your nails revert to the original way, especially when using polish, which we all love to do. Nutritionists also say taking gelatin will help. Whatever you choose, there is no permanent fix, you have to continue what you start. I would also look into talking with a nutritionalist to see if you need more vitamins and supplements in your diet. Hugs and good luck!


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    Yeah,There are several synthetic products like Nail polish especially prepared for this purpose is available in the market.Try this remedy that works for me for a week or so and hope so you will notice considerable change.ake a clove of garlic off the bulb, peel the skin and using a fingernail cut it in half. Then rub the juice over your nails and under coating them completely before going to bed. Do this every night, washing them in the morning, and you should begin to see a difference within a week.

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