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    There are many different opinions which we may have concerning acne. Although we may all harbor these different ideas, we may not be in total agreement with the scientific facts. It is very important for you to educate yourself about the true, scientific facts about acne before you undergo any sort of treatment or try the newest acne fad treatment on the market. Here are some common acne facts and myths, and what you should know about them.

    Washing Acne Prone Areas Frequently Won't Help – While many people believe that washing acne prone areas frequently will help their acne problem, the truth is it could actually worsen the situation. Simply washing acne prone areas twice each day is sufficient. Acne does not form as a result of dirty areas; contrary to common belief, acne is formed when the sebaceous gland is blocked – this ultimately forms a pimple.

    Eating Certain Foods Will Cause Acne – Actually, food does not have any connection to acne. If you do believe that a certain food product is causing your acne, then simply stop eating it. However, there has been no evidence uncovered that would lead researchers to conclude that acne is related to any food consumption.

    Some Medicines Can Cause Acne – There are many medications which actually cause acne breakouts. Cortisone, anti-tuberculosis, and anti-epileptic medications can complicate your condition.

    Vitamin A Will Not Necessarily Help Your Acne Problem– Some people believe that Vitamin A can help treat acne problems. However, Vitamin A does not have affect acne at all. If you were to take too much Vitamin A in the hopes that it will treat your problem, you will find it making your health worse. Vitamin A when consumed in large amounts is detrimental to your health.

    Heredity Can Determine the Severity of Your Acne Problem – If you have close family members, such as your parents, who had serious acne problems, then you are more apt to have the same problems.

    Hormone Levels and Shifts Cause Acne – Any changes that occur in your hormone levels will also cause acne breakouts. Androgen is the hormone that is ultimately responsible for producing sebum in the sebaceous glands. Acne is common among females during PMS, or menstrual cycle, and pregnancy.

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    Nice information. Thank you for sharing with us.

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    It is the most widespread acne myth. Acne never results form the dirty unhygienic skin. What might look like dirt inside blackhead is in fact natural pigment melanin. Many people misbelieve that frequent washing and scrubbing the affected area could heal the acne. In reality, this ecessive rubbing and washing can dry the skin out, causing irritation and flaring up the pre-existing acne problem. Although,it looks unsightly to have excess oil and dust on the skin; but these should be washed away in a proper way. Best approach is to wash the skin with gentle soap water twice daily and pat dry.

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