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    Default Cholesterol good or Bad

    I have heard from different online resources that cholesterol is bad for the heart, but I have also heard that our body needs cholesterol. Now this is making me confused. Can anyone please clarify me this, how much cholesterol is good for the heart and the body ?

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    your body needs cholesterol but in the correct amounts. if you have too much bad cholesterol it can clog your arteries and your blood can't get thru. it is also not good to have low good cholesterol. everything in your body is in balance if you are healthy. my body makes bad cholesterol so i am on medication. your hair has cholestrol and so does your fingernails. eat healthy, if you are worried see your doctor, there are simple blood tests you can have that will tell you if you need to take medicine. Usually that is just for us old folks!

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    We do have normal range of cholesterol as we have normal range of blood sugar or pressure. Several studies have confirmed that higher the level of blood cholesterol, higher the risk of stroke and heart attack. There has been some debate about what is the optimal level of cholesterol required for the human body. Currently, the American College of Cardiology recommends a level below 200 mg percent (200mg per 100 ml).

    You should try to eat more fruits, vegetables and fish. Red meat and butter have high saturated fats and should be avoided. Regular exercise also helps in avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body. If cholesterol levels are still high, especially in the presence of diabetes and/or a heart disease, medication should be taken to prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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    good" and "bad" cholesterol refer to the type of carrier molecule that transports the cholesterol. These carrier molecules are made of protein and are called apoproteins. They are necessary because cholesterol and other fats (lipids) can't dissolve in water, which also means they can't dissolve in blood. When these apoproteins are joined with cholesterol, they form a compound called lipoproteins.
    The density of these lipoproteins is determined by the amount of protein in the molecule. "Bad" cholesterol is the low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the major cholesterol carrier in the blood. High levels of these LDLs are associated with atherosclerosis. "Good" cholesterol is the high-density lipoprotein (HDL); a greater level of HDL--think of this as drain cleaner you pour in the sink--is thought to provide some protection against artery blockage.

    Thank you....

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    cholesterol in excess amount is always not good for healthy heart, but at the same time its very much usefull for kids,

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    Sainjohn is right. Having high amounts of LDL (bad cholestrol) is bad for you. Saturated fat has high levels of LDL. HDL is good cholestrol. Monounsaturated fats have higher levels of HDL. HDL helps remove your LDL levels. Polyunsaturated fats have high levels of both cholestrol, but should also be avoided.

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    Cholesterol level more than normal range is not gud for health

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    Indians are increasingly becoming susceptible to heart attacks, they are still not taking their cholesterol levels seriously. A majority are unaware of the risks high cholesterol.

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    The total amount of fat you eat, whether high or low, isn't really linked with disease. What really matters is the type of fat you eat.The "bad" fats—saturated and trans fats—increase the risk for certain diseases. The "good" fats—monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats—lower disease risk. The key to a healthy diet is to substitute good fats for bad fats—and to avoid trans fats.Although it is still important to limit the amount of cholesterol you eat, especially if you have diabetes, dietary cholesterol isn't nearly the villain it's been portrayed to be. Cholesterol in the bloodstream is what's most important. And the biggest influence on blood cholesterol level is the mix of fats in your diet—not the amount of cholesterol you eat from food.

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    Cholesterol is important for health .Many parts of body is depending upon the cholesterol for proper function. Too much cholesterol, or too much is eaten, is harmful for body. Blood cholesterol level of 200 or more increases the risk for heart disease.HDL cholesterol helps clear away "bad" cholesterol from the blood vessels.

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