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    Default 8 1/2 years and still have brown splotches

    I started to develop extremely dark brown to sometimes black splotches on my face when I was just barely pregnant with my second child. It was so embarassing. Children would point at my face and some would run and cry. Co-workers would come up to me and say something like "I think you have dirt on your nose (or forehead, cheek, etc.)." I would have to tell them it was my skin and show them it wouldn't rub off. My primary care physician and my OB/GYN at the time told me it was "pregnancy mask" and would go away on it's own. I asked for a bleaching cream and was told to wait until after my son was born but assured again that it would go away on its own. Well that was 8 1/2 years ago and I still have those ugly brown splotches all over my face that turn black when I am in the sun (not freckles actual large splotches). I have one that looks like a foot print on my left cheek and the one on my right cheek looks like Italy, I also have one above both eyebrows that look like Groucho Marks when in the sun, one on my nose actually looks like a smudge of dirt! I use SPF 30 on a daily basis and if I am going to be outside for extended period of time for various family activities I use 50 SPF and sometimes 70 SPF both are the waterproof/sweatproof formula and a big rim hat. Sunscreen does little to nothing to help with these patches. They still turn black when I am in the sun. I have requested on numerous occasions for bleaching cream and have been told I am too vain. Well, you aren't the one getting pointed at and stared at like you are some freak show. I have become very depressed as a result. I use to think I was pretty but now all I see is ugly and hideous. But physicians still reassure me that it will eventually fade on its own. Short of becoming a recluse and never venturing out into the sun or only going outside with a blanket on my face then that might just be possible. But I have to leave my house to work and shop for groceries and when it's 110 degrees farenheit or higher wearing a blanket over my face is not practicle! I'd like to see some of these physicians have to go through what I have for the past 8 1/2 years and counting!

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    here is some tips:

    you can consult a dermatologist to find if there are any other systemic problems as you said they like foot prints and all.. it might be some other than melasma or lentigo..,some chemical peels like glycolic, TCA in low concentratimight help,but i would suggest to consult a dermatologist first to find any systemic problems, iron deficiency might also be the cause.

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    I`m really sorry about you. Well, I can`t tell you what to do about your problem but I can tell you, be strong and you will see, one day everything will be behind you. I know you will find way to solve it and everything will be good. Just be strong ;)

    Love ya!!

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    i know what you are going thru. i have psoriasis all over my legs and arms. but i came to a conclusion a few months ago. i am the same person i was before all those horrible breakouts. i am not ugly and i decided to be strong and wear shorts in summer and stop worrying about what it looks like. i am me and i am a pretty good person and have a great personality. i am not going to allow people to make me hide under long pants and shirts in the summer. i just think about who i am and forget the rashes on my legs and arms. if you remember who you are and you are probably a very beautiful woman inside and even outside. you can learn to ignore the comments. keep repeating to yourself you are you and forget the spots. try it, it worked with me. the stares might continue but accept them. smile your best smile and say hello. be positve.
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