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    Default Can I use exfoliating face scrub everyday

    How often should I use an exfoliating face scrub,can i use everyday.if i use every day is is good for my skin.if not how often can i use it.

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    Thats too much,using it everyday is bad for your skin.. Use it every other day or 2-3 times a week.

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    i agree with 010081. i use a scrub about once or twice a week at most--and i used to use it everyday and it did not benefit me at all. it made my skin very dry

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    What if it's just a face scrub and not an exfoliating scrub? I use the St. Ives Scrub (it's actually a wash with beads) once or twice a day. It just feels so good on my skin. It's really hot here in the Philippines so I want to wash my face every now and then to feel cool. I haven't noticed any dryness in my skin though. What do you think?

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    i brought that to the philippines the last time i went there and i thought it made my face oily! but if it works fine for you, then i guess you can continue.

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    I don't think you should use facial scrub everyday. Though, on the instructions it states that you should use it once or twice a day. I still think that it is unnecessary to scrub your face everyday. Do it 2 or 3 times a week and stick with facial wash (with no beads) for your daily washing.

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    It is not advisable to use scrub everyday since it will make your skin so dry and sensitive. Scrubbing the skin should be done a maximum of 3 times a week. Everyday scrubbing may irritate your skin.

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    I have pretty oily skin so I use it about 3 - 4 times a week. I agree though that it's best not to use it every single day.. You don't want to risk it drying your skin out.

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    Everything that I have ever read recommends scrubs not be used over 2 to 3 times weekly. Especially if you have any skin sensitivities you should use it less than that not more.
    You dry out too much scrubbing every day and can cause skin irritation.

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    It depends upon your skin type. In a thumb rule, you need exfoliation twice a week for oily skin and for dry/ sensitive skin once a week. Regular exfoliation may lead to loss of moisture, irritation, dryness etc…

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