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    Default There are Different Way to Remove Stretch Marks From Your Body:

    i)One way to get rid of stretch marks (and also an effective way of suppressing their development to begin with) is to follow the right diet and also to have an effective exercise routine.You will want to stay away from foods that are rich in fatty acids that seem to collect in various parts of your body like in your thighs or buttocks. What you want to eat are foods like fish and vegetables.Citrus Fruits are also advisable It make skin glowing.
    ii)Another way to remove stretch marks is to use special creams and lotions that have been made exactly for that purpose. You can find these products from various companies. This is a great way to get rid of stretch marks especially if you do not want to go through a surgical procedure that will set you back hundreds of dollars.
    iii)Laser treatment is quickly becoming the most popular way to getting rid of stretch marks. Laser treatment sessions are not cheap but they are a lot cheaper than they use to be when first introduced.
    iv)There is also another way to get rid of stretch marks and that is through a surgical procedure known as dermabrasion. This involves skin being frozen for a time and then a special instrument is then used to smoothen the skin. It is quite complicated and may not be the best way to remove stretch marks especially since it is easier to go through laser treatment.

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    I have stretch mark because I am pregnant and right now I'm using Body shop cocoa butter moisturising stick and Palmer's cocoa butter for stretch mark. For now that's my way of getting rid of stretch mark for many pregnant women used it already and proven its worth and effectiveness.

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    I use cocobutter and my stretchmarks has lighten a lot. It is not completely gone but it has lighten.

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    Creams and lotions can prevent stretchmarks, but once you have them surgery (laser or otherwise) is the only way to remove them. Creams and lotions can mask stretchmarks or lessen their visibility, but not remove them.

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    Many people use anti-stretchmarks cream to get rid of stretchmarks. In addition, exercise and proper skin care cal also help decrease the appearance of stretchmarks.

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    Maintain healthy skin moist by drinking lots of water. The skin is still soft, moist, soft, and less likely to develop stretch marks. Caffeine found in coffee, tea, and soda tend to dehydrate the skin and leaves you more vulnerable to stretch marks. Eat foods that promote skin health such as foods that contain zinc, and vitamins A, C, D, and foods rich in protein. Remember that is generated not all stretch marks on an equal footing. They age and heal differently depending on skin type, heredity, food and water. In time, will fade, but the best advice is to maintain the health of the skin, which would reduce the effects of stretch marks if they should occur.

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    Diet is what comes after. You need to buy a good product to get rid of scars or anything else. And the best one otherwise all your efforts will go useless.

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    The only proper way is to bleach them. You can also try some creams to reduce stretch marks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonali View Post
    The only proper way is to bleach them. You can also try some creams to reduce stretch marks.
    Bleaching the scars ?
    How could a bleach cream help you in reducing scars ?

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    Bleaching cannot help you. Go for hypoallergenic scar creams

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