make sure when you come in from yard work or a walk in the woods you remove your clothes and take a shower scrubbing all the parts of you that was exposed to air. wash your clothes as soon as possible so if you did brush up against the poison you get all that oil off. make sure you have some hydrocortisone handy too. vinegar in cool water if you have bad patches on your hands and arms. there are products called domeboro that you reconstitute the packets and apply to area but if you are pinching pennies like most of us vinegar will work. keep cool. take dyphenhydramine.(benadryl)
if it gets near your eyes go see your doctor. he will give you a prescription to
get rid of it quicker. remember you cannot catch poison from someone else
unless they still have the oil from the plant on them. be careful and have a
great spring, summer, fall!!!