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Thread: Eye wrinkles

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    Default Eye wrinkles

    Can the way we remove make up around the eyes can cause wrinkles? I always make sure to put on some powder or foundation around my eyes so the color matches my face, but that means swiping the cotton ball around my eyes as well to get rid of the makeup. Can this be avoided? What is the best way to remove it? Will makeup removers formulated for the eyes really prevent wrinkles around the eye?

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    **clara kim** Female

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    I think it can but if you remove your makeup gently there shouldnt be any problems!

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    yeah make sure not to stretch your skin or be too rough with your skin when removing make-up, otherwise you're fine to use make-up remover around your eye.
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    Just be gentle when removing your makeup and you will be fine. You must remove it and keep your face clean.

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    You can use an "eye make-up "remover specially for removing the eye make-up. Just apply little eye make up remover around your eyes and massage it with your finger tips. then slowly and gently wipe up the cream.After that wash your face with Luke warm water/ It is very effective and safe way to remove make-up.

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    Just as a fire place can be the factor of interest of a stunning lounge, consider making your sight the factor of interest of your face. This will take away attention from any wrinkles or chicken wattles.

    Enhance your eye color with eye shadow colors that will make your sight pop. For darkish or darkish sight, golds and darkish colours are stunning. Azure sight look great with blue-gray and less heavy darkish colours and black sight look fantastic with black colors.

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    Foundation is not always a good way to cover the wrinkles you have around your eyes, you should always take care of that before they apear they are many products that can help you avoid them like Renova Lancome and Clinique

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    Discover how to get rid of dark circles or wrinkle
    • Eat a healthy diet full of antioxidant-rich foods, and exercise on a regular basis.
    • Consume between eight and ten 8-ounce glasses of water each day.
    • Pierce a vitamin E capsule with a pin and squeeze the contents under your eyes.
    • Rip a paper towel sheet in half. Soak both halves in some whole milk. Place the paper towels over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime.
    • Reduce your stress level. Stress causes premature aging, including wrinkles under the eyes.

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    Always use baby oil and soft anti bacterial tissues to remove make up . Removing make up in a bad or unusual way can lead you to wrinkled and puffy eyes because the skin near our eyes is very delicate and as we age it becomes more delicate.

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    You can use a good brand eye make up remover cream, but before that just consult a specialist. Sleep for at least 8 hours per day and drink lots of water.

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