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    Default Good Skincare Products for Acne

    Blemex which drys out acne and Salacyclic which is used to clean the pores. They are available on go2skin

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    I also found another Salicylic Acid product called SensiClear that's working well for me. I found this article about it that explains it a bit better,

    "You know the female ideal so well – you simply can’t escape seeing the long, glossy locks, the dazzling smile of pearly white straight teeth, the legs that go on for miles and the skin that exudes a youthful dewiness, radiance and unblemished perfection. This image is everywhere - emblazoned across magazine covers, several feet tall on movie screens and flashed across TV screens 24 hours a day.

    So perhaps it’s not surprising that many women feel so much pressure to look polished and flawless – no lines or winkles allowed, no grey hairs, no middle-aged spread, no inch that you can pinch, and certainly no acne. But even if we were to banish the constant barrage of images of the perfect Hollywood ideal, the simple fact remains that when you look good, you feel better. Healthy, glowing skin is akin to vigour and vitality, but when you consider that up to 80% of people suffer from acne at some point during their life, you begin to realize why smooth blemish-free skin can remain firmly out of reach for so many women.

    But for us ladies, acne isn’t always just a passing teenage phase. Age is no guarantee against outgrowing flare-ups. Acne can be a lifelong affliction that rears its ugly head during some of the most emotionally and biologically turbulent times in life, adding to the stress. In addition to the hormonally charged teenage years, acne can become a hindrance during pregnancy and the menopause, and is a common regular premenstrual symptom. Acne can often be a problem from which it feels like there’s just no escape.

    Yet the very thing that women try to correct the problem with can actually make mild acne much worse. Acne is commonly a result of clogged pores, so the perceived ‘solution’ of using makeup to hide the problem is, in fact, a temporary fix that can do more harm than good. Of course it’s fair to say that if you have acne, you want to disguise it with makeup. And you can – but you will need a thorough and effective beauty regime that looks after your skin, giving it time to breathe and recuperate.

    This is why the new SensiClear 3 Step Solution is so successful in combating acne.
    Skin is not only exposed to everyday stresses such as sunlight, pollution and harsh cosmetic products, but having to deal with an abrasive acne treatment can send sensitive, irritated skin over the edge. Ingredients such as Proactiv’s benzoyl peroxide-based solutions often leave the skin dry, flaky and inflamed. But SensiClear is a mild but effective alternative that not only cleanses, tones and banishes acne, but also helps to nurture skin back to health.

    You can use the SensiClear range as part of your beauty regime and know that you’re actually restoring a smooth texture and radiance back into your skin, rather than stripping and irritating it. The purifying cleanser penetrates deep into the skin’s pores, flushing out the build up of grease and cosmetic grime that contribute to flare-ups. The balancing toner removes any residue and restores a healthy equilibrium to the skin. The third step is the Blemish Free Acne Treatment Lotion, which is critical in the fight against acne and goes beyond other acne treatments to help maintain an even complexion.

    SensiClear’s Acne Treatment Lotion utilizes a unique combination of Salicylic acid and the patented ingredient Retextra. Whilst the plant-based salicylic acid combats problematic acne by gently inducing cells to slide off the skin and minimize pore clogging, the Retextra is key in helping promote cell renewal, which results in a smoother, more radiant complexion. So in essence, SensiClear’s 3 Step solution not only cleanses and tones and fights acne, but also gives your skin the extra boost it needs to achieve the coveted dewy and youthful healthy glow that so many women desire.

    If it’s a speedy result you’re after, then again SensiClear delivers. In the first three critical days of acne treatment, SensiClear has been proven to be 50% more effective than other leading brands, and 100% more effective at treating blackheads. And after just 28 days, clinical trials have revealed that SensiClear is the out and out winner in combating blackheads, whiteheads and acne lesions compared with other products.

    So it’s no wonder then that SensiClear has become the official acne treatment brand of the Janice Dickinson Model Agency. But a blemish-free, even skin tone needn’t be exclusive to models and A-listers alike – radiant, smooth skin is now something that almost any of us mere mortals can achieve thanks to SensiClear. So what are you waiting for - visit to get hold of your free SensiClear system trial kit, and take part in the 28-day challenge!"

    I'm not a teenager but my skin acts like one. Temperamental at the best of times, dry and irritable. I didn't want to try anything with benzoyl peroxide in as I've read it's so harsh. Anyone else tried SensiClear? If so, how did you find it?

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    Mario Badescu has some excellent acne stuff and you can even get samples first. They are famous for their zit stuff Drying lotion.

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    I have tried ProActiv and it worked for a few ears. I'm using Benzac AC right now which I got in the drugstore. It's super cheap and very effective too! Galderma, the makers of Cetaphil, made it.

    I've tried Murad for a while but didn't like the smell. It worked too, but like Proactiv, it's very expensive! I guess a big bottle would last a long time maybe for 2-3 months, but it's still expensive in my opinion.

    I haven't tried Mario Badescu's skincare line (just the sample, but I couldn't tell how my skin felt after a few days of washing with Mario Badescu products), but I'm currently using their drying lotion and drying clean. Both are amazing! It's my go-to acne medicine.

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    I prefer you to undergo microdermabration in dallas its tried and tested to be 100% effective and accurate on removing your acne..

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    You can try products sold at skincarerx, they do offer consultation for free. I have just posted a limited time discount coupon of 20% at

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    Vasseur Skincare is the only company I trust with my skin. You can check out the products at The owner of the company is a cosmetic chemist who has suffered from acne before too! She began developing her own 100% natural products to help her skin and now shes been able to help so many people who suffer from severe acne too! The Vasseur Acne System is the best thing I have ever tried! All results in such a short period of time. I had SEVERE type 4 acne and Vasseur cleared my skin in a matter of 4 weeks!

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    SkinScript makes a great line of clinical-grade acne treatments. Check them out here:

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    David do you work for Dermal Health Institute? You have posted several things for them now. Are you an owner or employee? If so it would be nice for us to know your interest up front.

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    Yes, I work for Derma Health Institute -- it's on my About Me page on this site, but perhaps I should add it to each messages I post? Not sure what the proticol is on this site.


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