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    Default I'm planning for Eyelid Surgery

    I'm 52 yrs old and have puffy bags under eyes and i'm not comfortable with it. I'm planning to get it removed. Has anyone here done it. How was the outcome ? How much does it cost. Any complications ?

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    i don't have much knowledge about it but it costs around $2000, but it depends on how reputed and professional is the surgeon.

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    yea and it also depends on which country are you from, which country r u from?

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    My BFF (age 56) just had that done - she looks great! She does have a lot of tenderness still around the incision lines - she says they hurt at night, when she's tired. But she had her eyelids done at the same time, so the prolonged discomfort might be because there was more surgery involved.
    I'm having my eyelids done in a little over a week. Wish me luck!

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