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    Default Botox

    Have any of you had botox and if not would you consider it? Where would you have it done?

    Also do you class botox as skin care or more like plastic surgery?

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    i class as a plastic surgery and i don't really thing its good applying botox . Other alternatives might be the better options.
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    its just a injection treatment so not a plastic surgery. But i won't consider using it.

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    i think its more like plastic surgery. I have no plan to do it in future.

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    Would it be more cosmetic surgery if applied to anything? I personally don't see it as surgery, but see it more as a 'treatment'.. Either way I would not consider it (& not just because I am male), I find it unnatural.. If I wanted paralysing toxins in my face I will just eat my girlfriends cooking

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    I'v had Botox. I hav to say I was really impressed with it. About a week after injections, you will see your facial skin is a lot smoother and more relaxed. Find a doctor who does a good job of not paralyzing your whole face. There should be some natural movement in the skin after Botox is injected.

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