Hi Guys,

I am living in Mississauga along with my family. I am here to know your opinions about naturopathy treatment.

Coming to the point. My wife has been suffering from skin allergy for about 2 weeks. There are rashes on the skin accompanied by skin itching and redness. First, there were not this many problems as there were only some redness and rashes here and there on her skin. We thought it may be because of the reaction of any mosquito bite. But day by day, it is increasing. We understood it is an allergic reaction.

We have a cousin who is a dermatologist living abroad. When we video-called her, she told it may be because of Eczema. Now we confirmed that she has all the symptoms of Eczema. Our cousin suggested approaching any naturopathy treatment in our area. When we searched online, we found a naturopath clinic here in Mississauga. Had anyone tried their treatment for curing Eczema? Was it effective? I would like to know your opinions about it. Is there any effective alternative for naturopathy treatment? Please share your answers to my questions.