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    Fruit is one of the best acne treatments. Choose mango, pawpaw, grapefruit or a fruit that has lots of acid. You can apply the fruit directly to your skin or you can use it to make a mask by mashing it into a pulp. You can add oatmeal or egg yolk if you want. Apply it to the skin as a mask and leave for fifteen minutes.


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    It is difficult to remove acne marks however, we could always find solutions to it...

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    Default Acne Treatment

    Various types of treatments are available in the market to cure acne. They include Natural treatment, Homeopathic treatment, Ayurvedic treatment etc. Acne problem can be cured, we just have to find out the type of skin we have and proper treatment for it.

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    I am now 40 and I had demabrasion done about 15 years ago for acne scaring. Made some difference but for the pain involved during healing I wouldn't recommend it.
    About 6 months ago I added a very mild glycolic peel, Retin A, Rosehip oil and shea butter, into my routine. Introduced each slowly to check my skin didn't react to them and I can't believe the difference they have made. My scaring was quite bad but is now hardly noticeable and generally my skin is smoother and brighter.
    I would limit washing your face to twice a day and if you use any sort of facecloth (to pat the skin, not rub) then I would use it for one wash only, plus your towel if acne is that bad. Its also worth looking at the washing powder you use for your towels, pillows, etc.

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    I agree to what deepak said perhaps you would like to have it done, just go to your trusted derm clinic and ask the doctor what is the best way to get rid of your acne scar.

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    I had a cut-like split on the edge of my nostril that would not heal with numerous other products for over 9 months. I tried hydrocortione cream which usually works well on blemishes; I tried other agressive lotions, including ones with alpha-hydroxy. None of these worked. When I discovered Dr Max Powers SCAR SERUM, it worked within a couple of weeks, completely healed the split back to totally normal. You need to be patient for whatever number of days that the skin still has a peel-able layer. Eventually it will completely smooth out. My experience reflects what "The Lil Scar that Could" says, that it works for healing and preventing a scar more so than getting rid of an existing scar. I believe it can work to improve existing scars, if not remove them, especially if one if persistant. This serum goes a LONG way on small cuts or blemishes that can create a scar if left untreated.

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    Acne is very difficult to deal with and the scars that acne caused can be quite a frustrating and embarrassing problem for any one.

    How to heal acne scars? Laser treatment can be helpful for eliminating embarrassing acne scars. But, not everyone can afford to have a laser treatment, so here is the good news for you. There are many ways to remove acne scars.

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    Hey I know your concerns but most of the things you are doing is correct. Just try to use more moisturising in winter time.

    Just some facts on what acne is:
    Acne starts with a basic infection: blackheads or pimples. They appear due to the enlargement of pores that are covered by grease, dead skin cells or bacteria. Invisible to the naked eye, the pimple prowls under the skin surface, waiting for the right moment to grow and become an infection. While the skin keeps producing grease, bacteria blossoms inside the inflamed pore. The skin surrounding the area expands the inflammation until white blood cells start fighting the intruding bacteria.
    Even though pimples are essentially born the same way, they may take different forms and react differently according to the person who has them

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    As their are many methods of scar removal such as lasers, retinoids etc but the new one one keeps on following which may be more frustrating. So for the preventing the new one to appear along with proper cleansing 2-3 times daily with PH balanced facewash(especially for one having oily skin) and selecting diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water , i guess having regular hours of sleep avoiding the late night sleep,taking food timely, avoiding to much stress and having regular exercise to build good immunity can help get rid of acne to large extent.

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    You can try lemon juice that improves the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them. The best way to prevent scarring is to treat acne early, and as long as necessary.

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