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    Default how to get rid of my acne scars

    I have oily skin and so my face is prone to acnes,and has acne hyper pigmentation. I wash my face with anti-acne face wash at least four time a day.I use lacto calamine lotion if i have to go out as it contains zinc solution,which i think is good for skin problems and also use pimples pen over pimples.I don't squeeze or touch pimples with my bare hands.But my problem starts during winter as my face also gets dry and chaped let alone new pimples eruption,so i use oil free moisturing cream.My queries are:
    1.Am i doing right?
    2.What is the best way to keep face pimple-free?
    3.How can i get rid of chapped skin during winter without having extra skin eruption?
    4.How can i get rid of my acne scars?
    5.Is it okey to take steam?

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    I am very pleased that you are concious about acne problem. Most of the things you are doing are correct. yea lacto calamine does reduce acne and acne scars but sometimes, it may block the skin pores. I would repeat the preventive measures.

    Keep your face a little dry, as oiliness is one of the major causes of pimples.But don't over dry as it again can block the pores.Wash your face with a normal soap every morning and evening.Use soap mainly on the upper half of the face,more precisely on the T-zone,which is on the forehead,nose and naso-labial folds.Do not use it excessively.

    Avoid/reduce all oily creams,sunblocks,cosmetics and hair oils.Do not squeeze pimples which usually causes inflammation and later leaves scars.Let them dry gradually,it will take some time though.Its normal that during winter skin gets dry.So apply a moisturising lotion just on the dry spots.

    Acne scars will get better with time.Topical retinoids can help in the scar healing.There seems to be no evidebce that taking steam helps acne. For light scarring Laser skin resurfacing is the most acceptable methods. For more deeper scars, chemical peel, dermabrasion, ablative laser CO2 resurfacing may be the better option.necessary. Several options like surgical excision and other are also available.

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    Default Dry skin

    I can offer some advice on the dry skin. I also suffer from this condition especially in the winter, and at times irritation. Most people finds vaseline is sufficient to keep chapped moisturised but some people (by the sounds of it yourself) need something stronger. Contact your local pharmacy or doctor for e45 cream or fucibet, both good creams for dry and irritated skin.

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    Oily skin is considered the raw material for developing acne..but nothing to worry here buddy! You can get rid of your acne too, although it is rather a long term process. Try keeping yourself well hydrated and avoid any food that contains oil or fat. You are doing just fine because calamine lotion is considered as a good emollient for any types of it acne or sun burns.

    To avoid chapped skin in winter, try applying unboiled milk instead of the usually moisturizing creams before going to bed. It is considered natural and safe.

    Again, drink plenty of water and include fruit juice in your diet too.

    Taking steam is OK in winters..but as you have said, you get chapped, try taking too much of it.

    Acne usually heal with age and the scars can be corrected with proper medications for which you should contact your skin specialist.

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    Don't make your face too much dry it can also cause acne

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    Default Re:

    Vitamin E prevents acne or pimple scarring and can also be used to fade old scars. Use cucumber or other fruit and vegetable packs to cure pimple scars. More such solutions at

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    You can get unsightly pimples due to two reasons. One is the impact of adolescence, the other reason is dead skin cells that refuse to shed and clog your pores, thereby not allowing the skin to breathe freely. In either case, the best solution for this problem is exfoliation. Make a mix of equal parts of olive oil and sugar and use this to scrub yourself in gentle circular motions all over your dampened body. Wash this off with herbal soap and warm water. Scrubbing in this fashion provides fresh and clean skin with open pores that help your body to evict toxins more effectively. Better circulation also helps to reduce oiliness of skin which is a major cause of acne. Make a face pack of dried and ground orange peels and yogurt and leave it on for about 30 minutes, or till it dries, and wash with water. Adding a few drops of lime juice to this mix will help in disinfecting your skin. If you have a large zit, you can make a thick paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this to your zit. Leave it on till it dries and then repeat the process. This will take care of it fairly quickly. You can also make a mix of lime juice and black gram flour and apply this to your zit to remove it within a day or two.

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    Try cold-pressed rose hip oil. You can either mix it with your cream or mix it with aloe vera gel and use as a masque. It is very good for all sorts of scars including acne scars. Use this in conjunction with ingredient that promote a higher turnover of skin cells (skin regeneration).

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    These days, there are many anti-acne blemishes creams also. Try any one of those for faster results.

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    hey thank you all for great tips..

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