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    best is you should go for glycolic peel and you should avoid using moisturising or any oil based product. whatever you use should be oil free this will prevent pimples. with luke warm honey massage your face for 2 mins and wash off.this will wok as a moisturiser and you will not get pimples.

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    Have anyone tried Vit-C for acne scar. I saw few good reviews about it.

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    You also should avoid oily food and have more foods cooked with perhaps steam and less oil.

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    I agree. Avoid oily food!! and drink lots of water and take Vit.C and E.

    Also, Natural Peeling from Valence is awesome!!
    I have been using their US$12.99 acne and purification set for over 6 months.
    I love how smooth and soft my skin feels every time I use the N. peeling (once a week).

    The original set is a bit too expensive since I am really broke right now... but sample set is affordable and it works the same so its perfect for me:-)

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    You should check this out:

    [ Url Under Review ]

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    liquid vitamin e pills work wonders!
    puncture with a pin and saturate

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    is lacto calamine effective in curing pimples on dry skin?

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    There are instances where all the diligence in the world doesn’t stop scarring. When you’re seeking treatment for getting rid of acne scars, you should look at all the options, their benefits and restrictions. The ways to remove acne scars can be expensive, and not all treatments have equally satisfactory results.

    Acne Scar Creams - The most economical approach but one that has widely varied personal results. Some creams have ingredients that irritate the skin more, and can contribute to scarring as a result. Others simply serve to tone and smooth skin, or have nutrients to improve skin heath.

    Chemical facials - A chemical facial costs about $700. The process includes applying a acid blend to the face and letting it sit. This removes skin, and gives the face a softer, smoother appearance.

    Dermabrasion - This is one of the more costly options for getting rid of acne scars, with a price tag going up to $2,000 each visit. In this case, the first layer of skin is taken off after numbing. It will take time to recover from this method, and for many people the results are not permanent.

    Laser Treatment - Lasers can be used to remove the upper layer of skin so the face seems smoother. Nonetheless like Dermabrasion the scars may return, and the cost is even higher ($2,500).

    Other Methods - There are other ways to remove acne scars using Punch treatments or Subcision. Both of these methods can be very costly, and run a higher chance of infection. They are not usually recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamflowervish View Post
    is lacto calamine effective in curing pimples on dry skin?
    yea lacto calamine is effective for some people, but for mild pimples. It may not cure severe pimples. It may not work for every peoples. you can try it.
    I love My Skin

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    For many months my skin acne scares progressively got worse. I tried 20+ lotions, but most of them gave me zits, I even went on a prescription for a month for acne treatment (I hated it). Now I am fed up to take any further acne medication that is why I started using natural home remedy which has finally worked- you can try this.“Apply Aloe vera gel on the red & swelling spots. Its has a great role in natural acne treatment.

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