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  1. Why you have wrinkles and dark cycles all because...

    Why you have wrinkles and dark cycles all because of skin dryness. the first thing should moisture. try the ACYMER ENERGY REVITALIZING SET+ACYMER REFRESHING EYE LOTION. You'll see the change and...
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    black cycles is common eye problems, it's...

    black cycles is common eye problems, it's probably for lack of rest and starring long time at computer. but we can use some skincare products to prevent it. i had the problems before, so how about...
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    Foods for Anti-aging

    1.Fish - can take in large amount of protein
    2.Broccoli - contains anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and Carotene
    3.Winter Melon - Rich in Vitamin C, good effect on skinís collagen and elastic fibers....
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    Freckle treatment

    What puzzles you most while doing skin care?
    The answer is possibly the FRECKLE treatment.
    Go to the source can figure out the cause of freckle is a priority.
    No.1: Skin can be affected every...
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