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    Sponge or Finger for Foundation Application?

    I keep going back and forth with this one because I am told different things all the time.
    Is it best to use a sponge for application of liquid foundation or is it better to use your fingers?
    I was...
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    Deoderant White Marks

    I always get white deoderant marks on my tops.
    Even if I put the deoderant on after I get dressed, I always have that white stain on my shirts. Anyone out there have advice on how to avoid this...
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Does it really work on stretch marks?

    I have heard that extra virgin olive oil is suppose to vanish your stretch marks. Is there any truth to this before I start dong this?!
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    Eyelash Extension - Advice?

    I am debating getting eye lash extensions but I am unsure about them.
    Are there any negative effects? Do they get in the way? Any advice?!
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    Dry Shampoo Spray - Does it really work?

    I saw this dry shampoo spray product today that you can spray into your hair in case you need to save time and dont feel like washing your hair.

    It's suppose to soak up the oil in your hair and...
  6. How long do you wait to see if a new product is working?

    I just bought the Perricon MD Vitamin C and I have been using it for about a week, but I havent really noticed any real results.

    How long do you normally wait to "notice" a change?!
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    How do I properly remove a bad ingrown?

    I have an ingrown hair near my bikini line and it HURTS so much! What can I do to get rid of it? I am scared to touch it because its inflamed and tender. Any secrets of getting rid of this?
  8. Eyelash going in the wrong direction! Help!

    I have 1 eye lash that somehow has gotten twisted and is now sticking out in a different direction. I tried wearing mascara and using a curler and nothing seems to help! Its driving me crazy! Is...
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    3 Lab WW Cream - Has anyone tried?

    I just got some samples of the 3 Lab WW cream and I am so excited to try it. The only problem is that its over $400 for a jar! Has anyone ever used it or bought it and have any feedback on the...
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    Dark Spots on my face

    I have some dark spots on my face that I got once when I spent the day out in the sun and didn't have enough protection. ( I dread that day every time I look in the mirror). I have been to a couple...
  11. Is Shellac nail polish harmful to your nails?

    Every time I go get a manicure, the ladies tell me how good Shellac Nail Polish is, and how it lasts 2 to 3 weeks. I always say no, because I am worried that it will weaken (my already frail) nails....
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    What is the story with Silk Pillow Cases?

    I went and got a blow dry last night and it was one of those salons that only do blow drys and they were selling silk pillow cases because they apparently keep your hair from frizzing and tangeling...
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    What kind of deoderant is strongest?

    I have been using Secret Clinical strength but it doesnt really do it for me.

    If I have a long or stressful day, I stink!

    Can anyone recommend a strong deodorant that works throughout the...
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    Brightening Moisturizer Needed!

    I feel like my skin has been really dull lately, and I would like to invest in a good brightening moisturizer.
    Can anyone recommend something that showed good results?
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    Nail Polish Remover Quality

    I always buy the cheapest nail polish remover, but it seems to dry out my nails pretty badly (by turning white when i apply it).
    Are the more expensive removers worth spending extra money on?
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    Is argan oil as good as they say?

    I am about to buy some argan Oil for my hair. I am looking to get stronger, thicker and shiny hair. Has anyone tried argan oil and got these results? Would love some feedback before I purchased it.
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    Eyelash Extensions Safe?

    I got some eyelash extensions done and I love them, but is there any health risks involved with doing this?
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    Need help with Dry Brittle Nails

    My nails are so weak and brittle. I starting taking a vitamin for nails but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Does anyone have a home remedy of some sort that would help me rid of this problem?
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    Ingrown Hair proper removal?

    I have an ingrown hair on my leg and I heard its best to leave it alone, however I cant help taking my tweezers and picking it out and plucking it. Although it hurts sometimes, its very hard for me...
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    Brazillian Keratin Treatment Safe?

    I really want to get this product done at my salon, but I have heard some really controversial things against it. Is it really harmful to your health? I would never want to risk my health for a hair...
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    How often do you clean your ears?

    I dont know why but I always q-tip my ears after the shower, but then i heard that it can harm your ears because you can take out too much wax that would otherwise protect your ears.

    How often do...
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    Dry Lip Remedy needed

    This dry weather is really hurting my lips.
    I always moisturize and use burts bees chapstick, but is there any other remedy that might help?
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    The Best Shower Oil Ever!

    I have been using l'occitane Almond Shower Oil for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! It is moisturizing and makes my skin feel supple and hydrated.
    I am so glad i finally found a body wash...
  24. What is the difference between Concealer & Foundation?

    I always wondered this because it seems like the same to me. Is it just a way to get you to spend more money or does concealer work better under the eyes than your foundation would?
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    Tooth Whitening Suggestions

    I have always wanted to try those tooth whitening strips, but I am worried about any adverse effects.
    Has anyone ever used it that can recommend a brand that actually works?
    Thank you!
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