View Full Version : How long does botox treatment last?

03-18-2009, 07:57 AM
How long does botox cosmetic treatment last? is it permanent?

03-18-2009, 12:53 PM
No botox injections are not permanent. The effect of the injection can last from four to six months in duration. Please remember to go to a medical professional to get this done if interested. There are a lot of "others" doing these. Remember this is a poison and needs to be treated with respect and by trained personnel.

03-19-2009, 03:11 AM
I've heard so many horror stories about Botox. Its Not permanent but done wrong can be horrific and it takes a long time to sort out. I would be sure you do your homework on anyone who you are planning to have do such a procedure

03-19-2009, 07:18 PM
it usually lasts for 4-6 months.
More details here:

03-19-2009, 08:55 PM
It is definitely important to do your homework here and make sure you are seeing a professional! There are some very bad side effects of this medication and I would hate to see anyone go into this lightly.

05-19-2009, 03:59 AM
thank you all you all frightened me. i was planning to do.hihihi

04-29-2011, 12:56 AM
It's good that there's now treatment like this. Now you do not have to worry about those wrinkles. The procedure is safe and effective with long-lasting results.

04-29-2011, 02:40 PM
The procedure is safe. The first year you would get the injections done approximately every 4 months. After that every six months or so would probably be enough. At least that is what a lot of people are finding. One of my friends goes once a year now and the results are lasting.

06-12-2011, 03:00 PM
sorry i can't see injecting poison into my skin for any reason. you have to like me as i am.