A common misconception is that only men go bald. Pattern baldness affects women too. Ladies can start to lose their hair just like men. However female baldness is more diffuse not forming a widow’s peak in front or a crown in the back of the head making it harder to notice. Some women can start losing their hair from the early age of 20, but this is a gradual process and may go unnoticed even until the woman is 30 years old. The hair loss may not have a genetic cause; it can be caused by diseases such as thyroid disease or anemia. Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis is a huge cause of hair loss in women everywhere. To make sure you do not have this disease all you have to do is take a very simple blood test. It is a known fact that men get the baldness gene from their mother and it is suspected that it is the same for women.

Some people used to think that wearing hats or certain head gear would cause hair loss but that is just a myth. What is truly harmful to your hair is the custom to brush it with 100 strokes. If you are already losing your hair those 100 strokes will do nothing but accelerate the process .Same goes for certain hair styles like tight braids, pigtails or dreadlocks. Other hair loss myths are that longer hair does not accelerate baldness by putting extra weight on the already weakened roots. Or that shampoo in excess is not bad for your hair and it only takes away hairs that were going to fall out anyway. Another myth is that coloring your hair does not damage or burn it.

A change in your hair can also be noticed during pregnancy. This is a very strange period for your body .Your hormones rage and fluctuate causing some women to actually get thicker, fuller heads of hair. The cause for this is unknown but it is suspected to be caused by the number of hairs that cycle in the resting period of hair growth.

After delivering the baby or about six month after that, there is a risk of hair loss. We do not know a way to prevent this pregnancy hair loss yet but it may be that you are just returning to your pre-pregnancy hair volume and all that you are shedding is the hair gained in the hormonal period.

Treatments for hair loss in women can be: Rogaine, hair powder fibers or Propencia.

Female pattern baldness like all conditions can be scary and overwhelming at first. My advice is, do not obsess over it. The stress you put yourself through when thinking about going bald actually makes you go bald faster. Take it easy, have a balanced diet, avoid fatty foods, and keep yourself hydrated and you can slow down the progress of your hair loss.