In my continuing studies of the anti aging niche, I have written extensively on the under-eye serum market.  One eye serum that has been very popular with consumers is the Elite Serum – which is known for it’s success in reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes better than any other eye serum on the market.  A daily user of Elite Serum, I have continued to read eye cream review websites where people post their experience with the under-eye serum, and have yet to find unhappy customers.  So, I took a long look at the ingredient list of Elite Serum, and there is one ingredient that doesn’t get a lot of credit or coverage in health portals on the internet that I feel is worth explaining today.

That ingredient is called “Eyeliss.”

EyelissTM from Sederma, takes care of the awful bags under the eyes, which are one of the first and most noticeable signs of aging.  Elite Serum uses EYELISSTM in the formula to help restore a youthful look under the eyes.  It leverages it’s peptide technology to greatly reduce the appearance of chronic bags under the eyes.

There are many studies that go to show that the ingredient acts to target the main causes that contribute to the arrival of eye bags or puffiness around the eyes.

Here are some of the reasons Eyeliss is such an advanced ingredient:
-Prevents leakage of fluids by reducing capillary permeability
-Eliminates excess fluids to relieve the puffiness of surrounding tissue
-Enhances firmness to reduce slackening of the skin
-Minimizes inflammation to prevent tissue damage

This is a powerful ingredient that obviously is a big boost to the formula Elite has invented.  The popular eye serum mainly gets press from other ingredients, such as it’s antioxidant-rich fruit extact it uses from the acai berry.  Of course, Argirelene is no stranger to anti wrinkle products, and it’s well documented as well for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkle depth.

In one eye cream review I read online, there was a post from a Canadian man who even eliminated a scar with Elite Serum.  There was a mention of him using the eye serum as as joke to get rid of a scar that not even pharamceuticals would reduce in appearance.  Not sure if I can say that success of that is due to Eyeliss, but there is certainly something in that formula that works miracles on the skin.

Elite Serum is made in the USA at a licensed facility that is under the guidelines of the FDA and Florida State Health Board.  While there are many anti aging creams out there that get great results, for my money I am always buying an American-Made product, due to the strict safety regulations and codes put in place.  The smallest bit of contamination can ruin any cream or lotion.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert who contributes regularly to  You can also find her work on several anti aging portals and wellness blogs across the web.