With so many people looking to cure the various signs of aging, many people turn to specialized anti aging creams.  There are creams for all sorts of different conditions, but there are some creams that are targeted for the eye area. An eye wrinkle cream aims at curing the following:

  • Reduce wrinkle depth around the eyes
  • Add moisture to the skin
  • Promote Collagen renewal
  • Reduce the appearance of crows feet

Of course, there are many advantages of using an eye wrinkle cream, but of course, the obvious reason everyone spends their hard earned money on these products is to look younger.  Looking younger is a constant battle, and it’s never easy.  Of course, there are many anti aging options out there, and with so many cosmetic surgeries proving to be successful, people have many decisions to make as they try to find the proverbial fountain of youth.

Today, we look at eye wrinkle creams as an anti aging solution.  The question I will pose is – do they work?

The short answer, that you probably don’t want to hear, is simple.  It depends!

You can go to your neighborhood corner store and find a cream with a low concentration of ingredients, of course, but that won’t solve any of your aging problems, more than anything it will moisturize your skin and maybe provide one small hint of say hyaluronic acid, a key anti aging ingredient.

The best anti wrinkle creams are formulated with high powered ingredients like Matrixyl 3000. Not the regular version of Matrixyl, but Matrixyl 3000.  This is much more advanced, and you can find all of the research reports online that backs up this statement.

If your eye wrinkle cream does NOT have Matrixyl 3000, you should look for one that does.  Laboratory tests show a significant reduction in wrinkle depth when a wrinkle cream with Matrixyl 3000 is used as directed for a period of time.

Whatever product you end up choosing, stay with the course.  If it says to use it for 30 days, do that to a “T.”  Do not deviate, and be sure you are using the product as directed.  When you try to do your own thing, so to speak, and do something not advised by the manufacturers, you are completely disregarding years of research and development that went into making the product.

The truth is, in eye wrinkle creams, you DO get what you pay for.  Of course, if your product has Matrixyl 3000, you are probably paying a premium (over $75 in most cases), but the alternative is to let wrinkles take over your face and add years to your appearance.

Please be careful when using free trial products, that is the best advice I can give you.  Do your due diligence, and read plenty of eye wrinkle cream reviews.