Golf is a contact sport in more ways than most people know. The sun makes contact with your under-eye skin on a constant basis, and beats down on your face as you line up your 20 foot birdie putt to beat your colleagues. Whether you like it or not, you need to take care of your eye area when you are on the golf course.

Golfers usually live in States like Arizona, California, Florida, and the Carolinas. In relation to the rest of the country, those places are very near the equator and therefore are in danger of being exposed to harmful sunlight that can damage the skin permanently.

The sun causes wrinkles around the eyes and enhances facial wrinkles. The face needs to be covered with a uv-protectant lotion and most importantly, an eye serum. Eye serums are becoming an important addition to the golf bag, and golfers these days are becoming more fashionable than ever. They certainly care about their skin and with good reason.

A skin condition can arise from too much sun exposure. Sun exposure not only causes wrinkles, but it makes existing wrinkles worse. The average round of golf is well over 3 hours, and most rounds can get much higher than that. Add warm-up time and time around the clubhouse and in the parking lot, and you are looking at about six hours in the sun. That’s more time than most people spend at the beach, even if they go for the entire day, it’s just an overwhelming amount of sun for the average person.

By applying a small amount of eye serum under the eyes before, during, and after your round, you can protect the eye area and not have to worry about developing any more eye wrinkles. Golfers are becoming more aware of the sun’s damaging effects and adding eye serum and other skin care products to their golf bags.