Do you ever shop around the web for different anti-aging products and wonder why the under-eye products are just so confusing?  If you have ever done a search for “eye creams,” odds are you came upon websites offering for sale various eye gels, eye serums, and eye creams.  So what is the difference in the three of these three products?

The answer is complex, depending on who you ask and what their agenda is.  But, to set the record straight for you consumers, if the products make the same claims as to expected results, your answer is simple:  NOTHING!

Normally, anti-aging products that go by the language of serum, cream, or gel and are applied to the under-eye area make the following claims:

  • Reduce the appearance of eye puffiness
  • Remove eye bags
  • Reduce the appearance of dark eye circles
  • Smooth out eye wrinkles

Whether you surf into an eye cream review site and find yourself reading about an eye gel, eye cream, or eye serum, keep in mind that you only need one of these products to successfully treat the skin around the eyes.  Companies that try to sell you multiple products for the same aging symptoms are predatory in my opinion.  They will make claims like “works well with this product” and other blanket statements, but if they have the same function, you only need one.  Remember, just as they try to sell you products with ricky marketing gimmicks, you have to think to yourself what you are trying to accomplish  A gel, a cream, or a serum that works, works.  Find one and stick with it for the long haul.  You will be happy with the results if if its a powerful, well concentrated formula.  A solid eye cream, serum, or gel should have a good core base of well-tested ingredients, such as:

  • Haloxyl
  • Argirelene
  • Eyeliss

These ingredients are all made by laboratories who spent gobs of time and money on developing them into what they are today.  If you can find a product with all three of those products, consider yourself  a winner.  There are very few products that hit the right concentrations of these ingredients, which are all included in the best eye creams for different reasons.  (Each ingredient has a different effect on the skin, such as Haloxyl is great for reducing the appearance of dark circles as it penetrates the skin because it applies Chrysin to the skin.  This is said to reduce dark circles up to 600%.)

While some formulators will argue that eye gels and eye serums have different viscosity levels than that of an eye cream, which may be compared to a lotion, there is no therapeutic advantage or disadvantage to any form of under-eye application that has a similar mix of ingredients.

Keep these facts in mind when you shop around for an anti-aging eye care product.  You will not only get results, but save yourself a few bucks in the process.