If you follow the anti aging eye cream industry, you know how competitive the market is.  There seems to be new, improved products introduced each and every day.  There are always new products that seem to be “advanced” in formula concentration from the previous months “best eye cream,” and there are alway special offers that keep consumers enticed and inclined to try the latest and greatest products.  So, how do you truly find the best eye cream?  Well, that question has been posed to me several times, and my response is always simple:  read eye cream reviews.

I’m not talking about an eye cream review you can read on some bogus blog put up by Nancy from Ohio, that talks about how much her wrinkles were reduced in depth while she was in her second pregnancy.  Those sites do nothing but take your information on a web-based form that leads you into a free trial on most occasions.  The only thing free about most of those trials is that the companies behind them are free to bang your credit card endlessly until you find someone who will let you out of the long term billing arrangement they lock you into.

What I am talking about is real, consumer submitted reviews from authority sites.  Authority sites, such as EyeCream.com, EyeCreams.com, and EyeSerum.com, are the largest websites on the subject of eye creams on the Internet.  Not only will you find a plethora of eye cream reviews, but you will also find in-depth information on causes of dark under eye circles, eye wrinkles, and other symptoms of aging.  These website stay informational, objective, and unbiased.  The marketing companies behind them have no relation with the products listed, and you shouldn’t find an affiliate code (which means they are obviously being tracked for sales they represent for respective products).

In addition to that information, these authority websites talk about ingredients in an in-depth manner, so that consumers like YOU can understand how they rank eye creams.  Not only do they spell things out in a clear, well-written manner, but their job is done through factual events, not just some opinion that has no bearing or weight behind it.  The editors are quick to point out the positive things about an eye cream, as well as citing what ingredients are in each said formula that work to treat the various signs of aging.

If you take a look around those websites, there is a common factor that has somewhat changed the landscape of anti aging in 2009:  Elite Serum has been crowned as the best under-eye serum by consumers, editors, and skin care experts.  The reviews don’t lie.  You can pull up any one of those sites and see what people are saying at any time you wish.  The eye cream reviews are always being updated as more and more consumers get their hands on this cutting-edge serum.  It certainly has taken the anti aging skin care industry by storm, and has also changed the way people look, one at a time.

Elite Serum has come up with this formula after over a year of research & development.  The formulators worked extensively at altering the formula in order to obtain the best concentration of ingredients.  The ingredient mix is NOT based on organics, herbal formulas, or anything of that nature.  This is strictly advanced science at it’s finest.  If you take a look at the ingredient mix, you will find three ultra-scientific ingredients that are obtained from world class laboratories and used for their ability to treat symptoms of aging.  The three advanced, marquee ingredients include:  Haloxyl, which treats dark under eye circles, Eyeliss, which stomps out puffy eyes, and Argirlene, which has been called by many as the best needle free alternative to botox.  Simply put, it eliminates wrinkles over time.

It’s been fun tracking the success of Elite Serum, and it will be fun seeing what the Elite brand introduces next.  The flagship product of many to come, Elite Serum has won over consumers and changed the shape of anti aging creams forever.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert who regularly writes for several online healthy publications.