If you are looking for discount eye creams, I suggest you check out the best anti aging eye cream portal on the web, EyeCream.com.  Not only does this website offer a mountain of information that you can apply to your under-eye skin care routine, but it also has a great newsletter that gives away eye creams.

The website also sends out sporadic alerts when some of the most popular eye creams go on sale.  For example, if you subscribe to the eye cream newsletter, you will be among the first to know when your favorite eye cream goes on sale.

Just last month, there was an update about Elite Serum, the popular under-eye serum that has been given many awards online.  The Elite Serum became part of the Age Defying System by EliteSkin, and is being offered for this Holiday season for the low price of $129.  With three products ranging from $79 – $109, this is certainly a great price for an all-around anti aging skin care system of products.

This month, there is a giveaway for the expensive eye cream made by La Prairie.  This eye cream contains caviar, and is known for it’s innovation as well as steep price tag.  You can enter the drawing by submitting your email address.

Eye creams are a great skin rejuvenation product.  Many people do not use an overall solid skin care regimen, but a lot of people are starting to realize that an eye cream is something that should be used by all adults.  An eye cream, when formulated properly, can help against the following signs of aging:

  • dark under eye circles
  • eye bags
  • eye puffiness
  • sun spots and damage
  • eye wrinkles

Of course, a well-formulated eye cream can combat all of those signs of aging, but it’s important that it is used as directed.  Twice per day application is a must with most eye creams.  If you are not using an eye cream, what are you waiting for?

Many Dermatologists urge their patients to use an eye cream, and even at a recent HSBC workshop, employees were told by a hired Doctor to use eye serums!  If big, global companies realize the success of these anti aging skin care products, you certainly should to.