Shopping for an eye cream is not easy. Finding the right and most effective product for you can be quite a challenge. You can read all the eye cream reviews you want, but making sure of the right ingredients, and that they are safe and all natural, is a good step to start with. This is important for the rest of your face as well, but the skin around the eyes needs extra care because it is weaker and more sensitive. It is very unlikely to find an eye creams that will cause irritation, burning and/or itching but the ingredients are still the key for choosing the right product.

There will always be a variety of products for different skin types. One for dry skin, one for oily skin, and another for normal or a combination of skin types. Truth be heard, if a good anti aging cream is safe and effective, it should work on all skin types and conditions.
Most companies will station their products with alcohol and mineral oils. For dry skin, they will use less alcohol and more mineral oil, and they will do the opposite for oily skin.

Mineral oils are petroleum based products that will also contain paraffin wax and liquid paraffin. First these ingredients will cause the pores to clog and make the skin feel oily, but eventually it will cause dryness. Mineral oil creams are usually meant for night use, because they work their way only gradually into your skin.
If a lot of alcohol is used in an eye cream, it will most likely cause burning and and watering. Both of these factors are likely to make you look worse in the morning by disrupting your sleep at night.

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes is caused by a build-up of fluid. Especially in older people, poor circulation of the fluids underneath the eyes will cause this build up of hemoglobin and other waste products. While sleeping, these fluids will gather and cause us to wake up with bags under our eyes.
If you have this problem, you need an anti aging eye cream that will improve circulation in order to get rid of the dark lines bags, and puffiness.

Cosmetics manufactured in the United States are largely unregulated. Regardless of the safety of the compound, the FDA will allow almost any material. New Zealand, the European Union, and other countries like this are stricter on these kind of allowances.

Ingredients on anti aging eye creams can also often be unidentifiable, this making it very difficult to compare products. Companies will create their own name for everything. On the other hand, some ingredients to look for but will most likely not be found in a department store are haloxyl, argirilene and hyaluronic acid. Additionally there are powerful antioxidants like resveratrol and acai berry which are very desirable and found in super-premium eye creams.