When I first introduced this eye serum to my loyal band of followers, it was a new eye serum that was making waves in the anti-aging skin care industry because it had a potent blend of pharmaceutical grade peptides as well as a solid mix of antioxidant-rich ingredients. Since then, the eye serum has been reviewed by many other publications and online portals, and I have yet to find a report that states it has been a letdown. On the contrary, the eye serum has been receiving very high marks for it’s ability to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes as well as eliminate puffy eyes and eye bags.

When I first starting following this product, I was skeptical. Naturally, I am a skeptic. There are many products that come out and launch a single page website, get fancy web graphics and just do what they can to make sales. However, this format is part of a much larger picture the eye serum. They have a long term game plan which has been made public by press releases that state they are in the process of making even more anti-aging products. Thus far, the serum has been doing very well among websites that ask consumers for feedback about the Elite eye serum. If you go to Google and search for “eye Serum” or take it even further and search for “eye Serum reviews,” you are certain to find a website or two that has user-submitted reviews with their experience with this popular under-eye serum

This product has won many awards, including:

“Best eye cream” by BestEyeCream.com
“Best eye cream” by EyeCreams.com
“Grade A+” by EyeCream.com

Those were just a few that I found in Google, but there are certainly other websites of lesser authority that hold the eye cream in high regard. The eye cream has been the talk of many insiders as it’s had a solid mix of longevity ingredients such as argirelene, haloxyl, and eyeliss, plus a good mix of antioxidant rich ingredients. The exciting and much-discussed acai berry has a place in the ingredient mix, contributing it’s fruit extract to the mix, as well as resveratrol, the anti-aging superstar ingredient found in red win and red grapes. When you add in the base ingredient of hyaluronic acid, and of course, gaba, which paralyzes facial muscles and helps in many anti-aging elements, what you have is a strong anti-aging formula that works.

The clinical studies behind the core group of ingredients speak for themselves. Look for the research and information behind each ingredient, and you will be shocked. Wrinkle reduction as well as a big reduction dark circles under the eyes, has been reported by users of this product. If you have either of those symptoms of aging, or puffy eyes, it’s worth giving this product a try.

Since my first glimpse at this product, it really has been an eye-opener for me. I look forward to seeing how this company grows and hope their next products are as exciting as this one.