The neck & upper chest.  It’s an area of the body that often goes forgotten in many skin care routines.  As you apply lotion to your body, moisturizing every nook and cranny, the neck and chest is often a part of the body that does not get proper attention.  It’s a shame, because the neck area is one that needs to be cared for like all others, as it makes habitual movements and is prone to wrinkling – just like the face.   For this reason, the area of skin known as the decollete can wrinkle and even sag, creating what a lot of people refer to as “turkey neck.”

EliteSkin, makers of fine cosmeceutical products, have released what they call “V-Covery.”  (The use of the letter V refers to the area of skin that forms a V.)  This is an advanced anti aging cream that is applied to the neck and upper chest area. It works to lift, tighten, and firm the skin that is often damaged due to excessive sun exposure.  Exposure to the sun, along with habitual movements, are the two main causes of facial and neck wrinkles.  The skin located on the neck is among the most delicate on the human body.  The only other patch of skin on the body that thins and wrinkles at a much faster rate is the skin directly below the eyes.  For this reason, the eye cream industry is the one that gets all of the attention, as it’s the most sought-after product by most beauty product users.

Elite’s V-Covery addresses many concerns of aging.  “Turkey neck,” which is a not-so-funny term used by many people in the skin care industry to describe the skin’s condition when it sags and hangs off the chin and onto the neck, is a common complaint of people as they age.  This is just one of the many traits that this firming neck cream works to cure.  Also, neck wrinkles are lifted, and made smooth.  The use of cosmeceuticals in the skin care products made by EliteSkin ensure you are getting the most advanced, pharmaceutical-grade anti aging treatment available.  Basically, you are getting something that more or less should be prescribed to you, but does not have to be because the concentrations used in their creams are at a much far lesser level than what would qualify to bear a prescription from a Doctor.

Neck wrinkles, of course, can be greatly reduced in appearance by using a neck cream such as V-Covery, and for that exact complaint, EliteSkin has used it’s powerful peptides once again, this time Matrixyl 3000, which is a copper peptide used in the best wrinkle creams on the market.  Along with that powerful ingredient, you can see Lipocare, as well as EssenSkin in this fine anti aging cream. You see, EliteSkin uses only the finest imported ingredients, you aren’t buying a product at this level just for some simple aloe vera!

EliteSkin’s neck cream has received rave reviews across consumer skin product review websites.  If you are looking for a serious cream to treat your neck and chest, this could be the one for you.