If you are looking for an eye cream to help your under eye area appear younger and healthier, look no further than Elite Serum. The revolutionary eye serum has won awards all across the internet for it’s exclusive formula’s ability to reduce dark circles under the eyes and provide a stronger, healthier base to the under-eye skin using it’s clinically tested ingredients.

Made in a laboratory in the USA, Elite Serum  is a proprietary blend of proteins and peptides which work the skin around the eyes and rebuild important collagen fibers.  These high-tech ingredients, along with a rare blend of antioxidant rich ingredients such as resveratrol and acai berry extract, work on contact to restore youth around the eyes.  Three ingredients with solid clinical studies behind each one include, Eyeliss, Argireline & Haloxyl.  If you look around the web for information on these ingredients, you are certain to run into some solid information.

Furthermore, the Elite Serum provided results on me after looking at before-and-after photos after thirty days of using the product.  I used it as directed, morning and evening, for thirty days.  My dark circles were drastically reduced in appearance and the fine lines around my eyes were diminished to a fraction of what they were before.

As I enter month two with the Elite Serum (I took advantage of the two bottle special which is essentially a 60-day supply for $129.99), I am excited to see what the next thirty days brings as far as improvements.

Besides the aforementioned powerful ingredients, Elite Serum containts others that are no stranger to the skin care world.  Hyaluronic Acid is the moisturizer that our bodies produce naturally.  As we age, we tend to decline in production of this natural ingredient, and our body needs to obtain it from another source in order to avoid dry skin. Penetrating the skin, hyaluronic acid absorbs rapidly, which gives this eye serum it’s instant kick.

Gaba is another ingredient in the formula and is basically a muscle relaxant and tranquilizer.  It’s been an ingredient getting increased attention in the anti aging skin care world.

Elite Serum has also been getting attention on eye cream review websites.  It’s been rated highly by several authority websites as well, such as:

  • A+ Grade by EyeCream.com
  • Best Eye Cream by EyeCreams.com
  • #1 eye care product in the world by EyeSerum.com

The awards as stacking up, and this formula seems to be a winner.  It certainly worked for me after 30 days of use, and I can say I am motivated for 30 more days of under-eye treatment.

Elite Eye serum comes in a 15 ML frosted acrylic bottle, and is sold in a thirty day supply.  You an take advantage of a 60 day supply for a discounted price of $129.99.