The internet abounds with information about skin care and its various nuances. Moreover, there is an overwhelming range of skin care products available in the market that cater to any number of skin conditions. However, with this overload of information people get confused when it’s time to choose the right skin care methods.

Effective skin care always starts with the basics. Here are some rules you should follow for good skin care…

Know Your Skin Type

This is the first and foremost step while considering good skin care. Your skin can be normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive and acne prone. Oily skin will be oily and greasy all over, dry skin will feel tight, combination skin will be oily in the T-zone and sensitive skin may easily react to any number of foreign ingredients. It is important to use skin care products that suit your skin type because they’ll cater to the exact requirements of your skin.

Use Basic Products

Follow a basic skin care regimen of cleanser-toner-moisturizer. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreens every time you venture outside. Make sure you use one that contains potent antioxidants like Vitamin C etc. In addition, use an anti-aging cream at nights that contains ingredients like retinoid and peptides.

Don’t Overdo It

Spot treatments for acne inflammations and blemishes are generally strong and highly concentrated. So, if you pile them up on your skin you may just end up irritating the skin. So be careful and use only as directed.

Follow the Regimen Diligently
Even though you may start with your skin care routine with enthusiasm, it tends to die down with time. And this is why products fail to show any results. Remember that anti aging skincare products take about 3 months to work, antioxidants need a couple of months and bleaching creams take about a month to show any visible improvements. So, be patient and diligent.