You probably hear that you should drink “eight glasses of water each day.” This could not be more true, but it is for much more than weight loss these days, as water has been shown to help the skin in major ways. Yes, water! Water is not only a helpful supplement into your fitness routine, but also in your skin care routine.

So, why does water help your skin? I’ll go over that and try to cover each tidbit of information to ensure you understand what exactly water does to the skin.

Many insiders have done research as to what exactly water does when it enters the body. It is said to bring moisture to the body and help enhance smooth skin. Some say that water will help stave off facial wrinkles, but this is simply not true. You need to couple water with an spf sunblock in order to protect your skin from the sun, but the water is just to keep you hydrated in that respect.

Water actually moves through the body system rather quickly. What it does in most cases is get into the skin at the cellular level to help remove dead skin cells. Water helps bring hydration to the skin and makes the cells stronger, and more supple looking. Nobody likes to have weak, sagging skin.

Of course, water works best when used in tandem with a daily moisturizing lotion. A daily moisturizing lotion can not only help the skin feel smooth and look younger, but it can also protect the skin from natural elements such as wind and the sun.

Consuming water is also necessary to flush out toxins out of the body via the excretory system. These toxins have the tendency to build up and need to get flushed out. However, if they are flushed out through the pores, this can lead to acne. When you drink water, you actually flush out toxins through the skin, and this prevents acne.

Proper water hydration also helps prevent dark circles under the eyes. One of the biggest contributors to dark circles under the eyes is dehydration. It sits number two on the list behind lack of sleep.

Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging expert and author.  You can find her work published on many health portals across the web.