There is a not specific laser that works perfect on every individual. However, there are several lasers that provide successful hair removal depending on your skin type, hair color. Some of the commonly used lasers are ruby lasers, alexandrite lasers, diode laser,Nd:YAG lasers and Intense pulsed light sources. If these hair removal devices are best used according to your skin type, hair color and by an experienced, well qualified professional, you may get a permanent hair removal.

Long pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are best and safest in dark individuals, whereas diode lasers and alexandrite lasers are most effective for light skinned individuals. However, permanent removal of white or blonde hair may still be unsatisfactory with such lasers. Blonde, gray or white hairs are not sensitive to most lasers, as hair must have pigment to be treated effectively, and blonde and white hair have very low melanin pigment in their hair follicles. Being said that, its not that easy and quick to remove hair in dark skinned individuals because of excess melanin interference.

To overcome such problems chromophores are currently being tried that is absorbed selectively by hair follicles and provides temporary target for laser treatment. But, problem still may arise because chromophore may not penetrate into all depths of the hair follicles. That is why it is always wise to seek experienced and well qualified professional for your hair removal, so you may not encounter those problems in expert hands.

There are no any quick hair removal methods; every laser hair removal treatment needs at-least 4-6 treatment session at 6-8 weeks interval, depending on your skin type, hair color and the good hands of the professional performing your hair removal with selective laser for your skin type. Yes, laser hair removal works perfectly if chosen wisely.