I’ve written in the past about a unique, all natural product that gets rid of dark under eye circles, called the Dark Circle Serum. It’s made by Wrinkle System, a division of Skin Pro, and just recently, it was among the top selling dark circle eye treatments on Amazon.com!  With all of the great anti aging products and serums out there, this is a huge honor!

If you have not heard of this all natural product, here are the details.

Clinical tests showed a 35% reduction in visibility of dark under eye circles.  35%!  That is an amazing number, and it’s clinically proven to perform at that level.  Using seaweed extract, a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and rice and soy peptides, this product works therapeutically to get rid of the nasty dark crescents that form under our eyes from stress, genetics, lack of sleep, poor diet, or reaction to a medication.

In addition to being an effective dark circle remover, this medicinal product, (sold with a precision dropper) is effective in helping deflate puffy eyes.  Clinical tests for that condition show a 42% REDUCTION in puffiness.  Wow.  Also, a 31% improvement in skin’s smoothness was the final clinical testing statistic that’s worth passing on.

Personally, I’ve used this product with great success. I have yet to find a product that absorbs quick, feels light, and works.  This one does, and I am living proof. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to products that make numeric, bold claims, but since these cite real clinical evaluations, I took a leap of faith.

I’d suggest this product to anyone who is looking for a refresher around the eyes – just take a peak at Amazon.com to see what people are saying, as well as on eye serum review websites.  It’s made in the USA, not tested on animals, and the parent company, Skin Pro, is known for it’s use of high end ingredients in their product formulas.

Remember, a proactive skin care routine will help yield the best results.  If you wait too long to use skin care products, you may be allowing too much damage to affect the skin’s dermis, and you may be beyond the point of repair.  A proactive skin care routine is always best!