Acclaimed makeup artist Danica Jardien recently updated her popular YouTube channel with some videos about how to hide dark circles that form under the eyes.  As this is a topic many women are interested in, the almost 6 minute video turned out to be a great success and more than 4,000 people viewed it in the first 3 days of it being online!

So who is Danica Jardien and why should I listen to her video about how to get rid of dark circles?

Danica Jardien is a Denver-based makeup artist with an A-List of clients.  She has worked with Barack Obama on his makeup and prepped him for the camera.  If that doesn’t impress you, she has also worked with Tyra Banks.  So, Danica’s reputation is second to none.  She has many more clients that include hip hop moguls, basketball players, and many more personalities I won’t overload you with.

In her video, Danica starts off showing her trusty followers how she hides dark circles with a concealer.  Then, she talks about how she has tried many under eye serums with the goal of getting rid of dark circles.  She adds that she had little success until she started using an under eye serum called the Dark Circle Serum by Wrinkle System.

Turns out, this medicinal-looking eye serum, that comes with it’s own eye dropper for easy application – is the one she uses to hide dark circles.  It makes sense, because according to the makers of this eye serum, clinical tests have shown a reduction in dark circles by 35%.  What’s also good about this eye serum is that it’s very focused to get rid of dark circles as well as puffiness that develops around the eyes.  This is important as many people use certain eye creams with hopes of getting rid of eye wrinkles and they are let down.  This eye serum is designed for puffiness and circles only – which means the concentrations are at a level that are effective, as shown by the amazing clinical tests.

If you watch the video, you’ll also see two other components of the Wrinkle System’s popular Two Minute Wrinkle Drill – this includes the anti wrinkle cream component as well as the Extreme Cleansing Gel.  This anti wrinkle system literally takes place in just two minutes.

Here is a link to the video done by Danica Jardien – you can look to her as a source for information on beauty, makeup, and general skin care trends.