In our efforts to look and young feel better, many of us have turned to cosmetic surgery, as it gives us facial lifts, breast enhancements, tummy tucks, hip lifts and more. Cosmetologists have come up with various surgical procedures for face lifts, nose jobs, lip augmentations and even eye brow augmentation. When you are thinking about getting a new face lift, there are several types that you could consider. Some facial augmentation surgeries help with reshaping, while others simply enhance the overall look it provides. Through facial lifts, you’ll be able to look and feel better about yourself, which in turn, increases one’s self confidence.

The most basic face lift procedure is known as the mini lift, which simply takes a few hours to complete, leaving you to get back to work within the next day. It is indeed great for people who feel they are aging at a much quicker rate. Anti aging solutions and creams have been around for several years now, but they take much longer to actually show results. Instead, many people have turned to facial lifts which make your skin look extremely younger. How is this mini lift done? All the excess skin on your neck area would be removed, allowing your skin to be more firm and plump, rather than wrinkly. This less invasive procedure lets you look better without actually showing any signs of surgery.

Another face lift procedure is carried out, which focuses on the lower part of the face. This is also known as the S-lift, which works around the neck region and jowls. It reshapes the lower part of the face and gives it an even look, without leaving any major sign of surgery. The surgical procedure involved in this facial lift begins near the ear and moves downward to the neck. Again, the excess skin is removed which allows doctors to stretch the skin, giving it a wrinkle-free look. The whole process takes about two hours and resting period at home is about two to three days for most people.

The M-Lift or the mid lift as some call it is the mid section of the face, which runs from one ear through the cheeks and back to the other ear. The surgical procedure in a mid lift is done from the inside of the mouth. The surgeon would work from inside the mouth, by taking out the excess tissue and skin, while tightening the skin that is left over. This would remove any wrinkles, sagginess or bubbly cheeks. In the end, you would see a huge difference from this type of face lift, as it works to enhance the mid section of your face.

There are people who still prefer the complete facial lift, which works with every single aspect of the face, but some stop and rethink about the costs involved. Many celebrities have done various facial lift surgeries to enhance their overall look, and in some cases; you would be able to tell!