I recently did a chemical peel.  Chemical peels are the procedures that essentially burn off the entire top layer of the face.  When done properly and treated as instructed, chemical peels can be a great addition to an already strong skin care routine.  A chemical peel is done under the supervision of a certified esthetician.  Recently, I did the ViPeel that was made famous and invented by Dr. A.F. Kalil.

The whole process only took about 15 minutes.  That is, after all of the educational parts are done with.  There is a lot to learn before taking part in a chemical peel, and a lot of time for question and answer sessions if your provider is doing their job.

While there was a slight discomfort when the application was brushed on my face, it was far from painful.  Some people have complained that it stings, but it wasn’t a bad situation in my experience.  After application, I looked like someone who was in the sun way too long. It was a nice shine, but one that is certainly distinct and would be made fun of by anyone who didn’t know about the chemical peel being applied to the face.

Day two brought some peeling around the mouth.  The peeling didn’t really start until that evening, although there was a big shine on the face and the skin was overall a dark red tone.

Day three the peeling started all over the cheek area and it started going higher up the face and towards the nose.  I called my friend who did the application and she stated that my nose would “crack” and skin would start to peel very soon on the nose area.  If I squeezed my face, I could see where skin was very tight on the skin (it also felt tight) and where it was about to peel next. I’ve done some deep skin peels, but nothing of this nature.

Day four my peeling really went to another level.  The skin started to peel around my nose and eyes, as well as on the top of my hairline. This was rather uncomfortable because just as the skin started to peel on the top of my head, it started to come off in large sheets on my neck.  I could literally pull off large sheets (even though I was instructed not to, I had to get rid of some of the larger pieces of skin) right from my neck and see new, undamaged skin below.

On day five the peeling was everywhere.  I was getting quite anxious to be done with the program, and start having new skin underneath come to the surface and shine through.  It wasn’t the most fun on this day, as it seemed skin was coming off my face at record pace.  It’s not cool when you have a drink with your friends and you are constantly leaving dead skin cells all over the place!

Day six I was more or less back to normal.  I woke up and looked at the skin and only noticed a few different sheets of skin that were still at the pre-peel step.  I applied a good amount of moisturizer to my face and went about my day not looking at the dead skin flakes anymore.  When the day was done, it was over!

In one week, I had transformed my skin.  I had removed a TON of sun damage from my face.  My skin feels softer and looks younger, and people are taking notice. I do feel very good about this process and would suggest it to anyone.

Tomorrow I have the green light to use any product I want on my face.  I was banned from using eye creams, my favorite anti- wrinkle cream, and every other anti-aging product other than my moisturizer.  With life going back to normal tomorrow, I feel like a new person already!