Nobody in this world likes cellulite.   It’s not fun to look at, it’s not fun to touch, and it doesn’t look good in photographs. Contrary to what people think, cellulite is not just present in people who are obese. Skinny people can obtain cellulite as well. It effects about 85% of the women at some point in their life.

Now, with the advancement in science, you can fight cellulite with the best cellulite creams. The best cellulite creams are formulated with powerful chemicals that upon constant application, drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

There are a number of rumors floating around about what exactly is cellulite and how do people get cellulite. This article will clear up that rumor once and for all with a solid definition. Cellulite is simply normal fat. Cellulite will appear to be bumpy because it is pushing through the connective tissues that normally maintain the distribution of it on an even basis below the skin. Cellulite has also been called “orange peel.” So, if you ever hear anyone refer to something terrible called “Orange peel” you safely assume it’s not the fruit they are speaking about. Furthermore some people even refer to cellulite creams as “orange peel creams.”

Cellulite also appears to look like dimples. You can find it on the back of the thighs and the buttocks in most cases. However, it is not uncommon to find cellulite on other parts of the skin, such as the hips.

Cellulite is more common among women and is rarely found in men simply because of the way the human body is built. The way the skin is distributed in women makes cellulite growth easier on them.

Cellulite is caused by body fat, age, and genetics. It’s not a bad practice to eat well and stay healthy in order to avoid getting cellulite throughout life.

There are many ways people treat cellulite, however the cheapest, least painful, and most effective method is to use an anti cellulite cream. These creams are applied throughout the day on the affected area and they work the skin in a manner that works each dimple to reduce it greatly in appearance.

There are several sites out there that review anti cellulite creams. I suggest you read many reviews to see which creams work best, as there are some out there that don’t exactly do the trick, while others have people raving about the results. It’s always best to do your job and do due diligence when shopping for any type of anti aging cream.