Since a lot of you consumers read many eye cream reviews to find a product that will work for your under eye bags, dark circles, and eye wrinkles, I thought I’d give you a heads up on something that looked fishy to me.

I was reading about an eye cream called prevera, and I was going to actually order it after reading some decent reviews on the product.  However, after doing my normal due diligence, I found some SHOCKING information

First off, the site that had some great reviews was the one I reference in the title of this article.  I was reading all of the reviews, taking in the information, jotting down what I thought was important, and BOOM it hit me like a cross check.  This site is a complete sham.  It  had the same lingo on the site as others I’ve seen that talk about the Prototype 37-c, a topic that many people on here have talked about and chuckled at.  If you follow DermaTalk, you know what I am talking about.

For starters, the site says “serving you since 2003.”  That’s a lie, as this site was JUST put online recently.  (I have a friend who has some tools that allow me to find out how new or old a site is.)  Second off, if you call the number on the site to make an order for eye cream, you can ONLY buy the products reviewed on the site.  That’s sort of fishy, huh?  Of course one would rate products above and beyond all other eye creams on the market if there was a financial gain to be made from it.

Furthermore, if you Google the phone number, (1-888-778-7099), you will see that an exact replica MIRACULOUSLY reviews the “oxytoxin” product that is reviewed on the prior website.

Do you think it’s a complete coincidence that the number of reviews is 511 on both sites?  Or that the phone number is just shared on these two sites?  Or lastly, that these two very similar domain names have a design that is a mirror of one another?

Obviously, this “review site” is ran by the owners of these products.  Am I saying these products are bogus?  Well, I’ll let you read the reviews in the threads to decide.  (The evidence points to “stay away” and there have been links to a college dorm room operation here.  Scary, huh?)  All I am pointing out is that there is an obvious connection between websites and that you should not deem the reviews credible on these two websites:

Also, don’t listen to any reviews from a site with this number:  1-888-778-7099.  Just a word to the wise for all my fellow DermaTalk readers.  Stay safe and stay young!