As our age grows in numbers, we end up seeing many things happen to our bodies over the years.  Aging is certainly a tough concept to grasp, and nobody likes their skin and face to tell the world exactly how old they are.  Wrinkles have to be the single most pesky sign of aging that exists.  They set their hooks in our faces, necks, and body, digging deep into the dermis layer and making our skin look like a minefield.  But, there are ways to treat wrinkles these days.  An anti aging wrinkle cream can work wonders to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, although they will not make them vanish all together.  One thing to keep in mind from youth is that wrinkle prevention is the best way to treat wrinkles.
Wrinkle prevention can mean many things to people, and its a topic that is often misunderstood by people.  Wrinkle prevention does NOT mean applying the best wrinkle cream to the face and neck in an effort to prevent wrinkles.  Although that will help reduce their appearance and bring the necessary moisture to the area of the skin where wrinkles have started to show their depth, this will not work as well as other wrinkle prevention methods.

The best wrinkle prevention method is to protect the skin from the sun. The sun is the most damaging element in the world to the skin.  It’s harmful UV rays punish the skin and help to form wrinkles, sunspots, and even discolorations.  So how do you fight this element, you ask?  Well, the most logical way to fight the sun is to add a sunblock whenever you are in the sun’s striking distance.  The sun needs to be blocked out from harming the skin, and a sunblock with an spf value of 25 or greater usually does wonders to protect the skin from the sun.

Another way to prevent wrinkles is to avoid smoking.  Have you ever seen a lifelong smoker without wrinkles?  Probably not, and cigarrette companies are recognizing that as well.  Even the Marlboro Man has a rough skin composition and quite a few face wrinkles.  Smoking is the worst thing, other than the sun, for your skin.  Avoid smoking and you are essentially preventing some sure-fire wrinkles.  It’s that simple.

Other things that contribute to wrinkling are facial expressions, constant movements, and squinting.  Obviously, you squint when you are in the sun and can not focus on an object as you desire, so you need to be careful for this and wear sunblock and sunglasses around the eyes. It’s amazing how much the sun really impacts the skin, and inducing a squint is just another way it works to hurt us.  Facial expressions are obviously something that are not very controllable. Who am I to tell you not to laugh?  It’s ridiculous when you think about it. Nobody would ever suggest that.  But, it’s important to know that when you laugh, your expression lines are flexed, and this can contribute to wrinkling.