Healthy skin means you have to treat your skin like you do every other part of your body – with care.  A carefully planned regimen goes a long way to keeping your skin full of moisture, shine, and gloss.  Just like world class athletes watch their bodies very carefully, if you are into your skin, you must be 100% sure that everything you do to it, and surround it with, is healthy for you.

For example, did you know that drinking 2 liters each day of water is a great way to keep healthy, shiny skin?  Just like water drives your bodies engine, it also keeps your skin healthy and glowing, not to mention it also helps fight cellulite.   Drink plenty of water to make sure y0u are taking extra special care of your skin – you can thank me later.  You of course get other benefits, such as benefits to your bodies reaction to other elements, such as the sun, when you drink water.  Drinking water, using sun screen with spf, and using a daily moisturizing cream are three ways you can ensure your skin shines no matter what the season is.

Besides doing those, you also need to balance your stress levels and ensure you are not exposing your skin to deadly and harmful toxins.  This means that you should not smoke cigarettes as well.  Think about all the people you know that smoke, do they have good skin?  Usually they do not.  For starters, the repeated expressions made when one smokes a traditional cigarette causes the skin to wrinkle.  That’s one part of the equation, but the other part is that the awful smoke and deadly toxins given off are harmful to not only your body but also your skin.  Your skin does not react well to smoke, and you should avoid it at all costs.

One piece of advice I can offer if you MUST smoke, is to give electronic cigarettes a try.  These are a rather new thing, and they are NOT 100% healthy, (that’s my disclaimer) because they do contain a trace of nicotine, but they don’t emit smoke like a traditional cigarette does and they don’t come with the bad side effects, such as smelly clothing, a bad aftertaste, and a cloud of smoke that trails around everywhere you go.  For this reason, many long time smokers are making the switch to electronic cigarettes, which are also called e-cigs, electric cigarettes, and smokeless cigarettes.

So, keep good tabs on your diet and what is around your body as we get into 2010.  It’s not bad to make changes slowly, but for your skin’s long term sake, follow these tips to a “t.”  You won’t be disappointment.