Wrinkles, fine lines and age spots are a serious concern among women. They are also the reason why there is such an extensive variety of anti aging skin care products and treatments available in the market. The anti aging range consists of cleansers, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle formulations, eye creams, serums and so on. There are products available for all skin types and targeting specific problem areas.

One of the most important elements of an anti aging skin care regimen are cleansers. Cleansers remove all the dirt, debris, make up residue, dead skin cells and toxins accumulated within the skin cells during the course of the day. Unclean skin is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus which in turn clogs the skin pores and promotes acne. It also slows down the natural skin cell renewal process. Additionally, wrinkles and fine lines are more likely to form on unclean skin. This is because of the slowdown of cells natural exfoliation.

Scientists have researched many potent skin care ingredients that have anti aging properties and have included them in anti aging skin treatments and formulations. These products help to slowdown the skin aging process by preventing and delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, there are also products that help to reduce the existent signs of aging and actually reverse the skin aging process.

Anti Aging Ingredients

A very powerful anti aging ingredient is BHA , Beta hydroxy acids. One of the most common forms of beta hydroxy acids is salicylic acid. It is also effective in controlling acne and is used extensively in skin care products

Functions of BHAs

Salicylic acid in cleansers dissolve deep inside the facial skin pores and helps dissolve and get rid of sebum dirt and bacteria. This enables new skin cells to function efficiently and also reduces the size of the skin pores.

BHAs also help in lightening freckles, age spots and other Hyperpigmentation issues. In addition it also reduces the redness of the skin caused by past acne.

Anti-aging skin care treatments should contain at least 2% salicylic acid to be effective and provide short and long term results

Unlike other skin care ingredients, salicylic acid adheres to the skin and doesn’t get washed away upon rinsing. This makes them more efficient and effective than any other anti aging ingredient.

Dr. Marilyn Syrett is a board certified physician and nurtures a keen interest in the study and use of skin care products especially anti-aging skin care products and acne treatments.