Different methods have been conjured up in order to keep the population looking as young and as healthy as possible.  This is where Botox comes in to combat the surge in cosmetic surgery prices, but for those that might not fancy having regular injections to keep their skin wrinkle free there is always the option of Botox cream. This is a new way to improve one’s skin in a non-surgical procedure. Botox in a bottle is a new way for aging women with problems in skin to revitalize their damaged cells.

This is an excellent substitute, and the fact that it is less painful has been a selling point for many users of Botox. This particular product is applied on the surface of the skin, and just like the injected version it prevents the muscles from moving thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles.

However, this is not the only kind of Botox cream that is available in the market, because there are those that promote collagen production, which is just as effective in combating wrinkles. When vast amounts of collagen are produced by the body the skin is able to retain its elasticity with ease, as is the case with children and young adults.

Yet another alternative that is available to the individual is the peel off, an excellent option to cosmetic surgery, as it allows the upper damaged layer to be peeled off resulting in radiant glowing skin. All these creams can be used as the proverbial fountain of youth, but even better there are those that combine all these positive elements into one cream. This means that with one Botox cream the individual is able to get rid of wrinkles while rejuvenating the skin, and reversing the aging process.

As expected the use of Botox creams comes with numerous advantages, one of which is less pain when compared to the injectable version. Secondly, these creams cost much less when compared to regular cosmetic surgery prices, and are simpler to apply. However, before the age reversing processes can begin the right cream should be purchased depending on the age of the user. This is important, because for some people the agenda is to simply boost collagen production while for others the aim of using the cream is to peel the surface layer off; then boost the production of collagen in the body.

In conclusion, regardless of the cream one settles for the one thing that remains consistent is that the aging process will indeed be reversed.