One of the worst things about aging for women over 70 is what happens with their skin. The passage of time, gravity, dryness from exposure, slower production of natural oils, and the awful spotting produced by all the younger years enjoying the sun really feels like a sick joke. They say the outward appearance of our skin is a good indicator of our inward well-being. So, why don’t they match?

70 years young today is like the new 50, as more and more septuagenarians today are still attractive, vital, enjoying passionate hobbies(like me writing this article) and not planning on checking out anytime soon. The body’s biggest organ is the skin; unfortunately, that organ is also the most visible and causes older women a lot more care and treatment to keep soft and attractive than ever before in their lives.

For Septuagenarians, Octogenarians, Nonagenarians and yes, Centenarians (gulp!), listen up! These skin treatment suggestions and tips are for US! (okay, okay, you younger gals can use them too).

Oil that is beneficial

These oils are lightweight and will penetrate the pores of aged skin the best. They can be used directly on the skin, even by opening vitamin E capsules, or put into bath water. Soaking in a nice warm bath with oil will soften those hard to reach areas like the back and shoulders!

  • Sesame
  • Avocado
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive

Use 30 SPF or higher, on your face, neck and forearms, every single time you emerge into the sunlight! Your sunscreen should contain micro-ionized zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

Septuagenarian skin care

Septuagenarian skin care

Wear moisturizer 24 hours of every day, seven days a week, for 52 weeks a year.

Sun Damage Spots
Liver spots, brown spots, sun spots or out spots! They are all the same thing. Prior years of sun damage caused the main damage, we can try to lighten, lessen appearance, and conceal. Hydroquinone and Vitamin C has helped lighten spots on fair skinned people.

Ah, wrinkles! Using any or all of the prior suggestions lessens the appearance, but short of plastic surgery, gravity and aging is a natural process. There is a Prescription product that your doctor can prescribe called Tretonin with Vitamin A that may help.

Other options:
You can always opt for being stimulated, frozen, zapped, sanded or peeled if you desire. Visit a dermatologist or expert to determine if the thinness and aged condition of your skin will benefit from Electrical massage, Cryotherapy,  Laser treatments, Dermabrasion, or chemical Peels.

Credits: This article was written by Sally (71 yrs) from Arizona, USA.