Terrible skin disorders have always been a great concern for many people because of the way such conditions lower their self-esteem among peers. The psychological trauma that is often triggered by a bad-looking skin has led many to seek for natural skin care treatments to enhance their beauty.

It’s worth stating that a healthy skin is dependent on certain factors such as good nutritional habits coupled with a good personal hygiene. Despite that fact, majority of the American population do not take recommended amount of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in their daily diets. This therefore brings about deficiencies in important minerals-cum-vitamins which the human skin needs to be healthy.

Minerals as well as vitamins greatly boost the body’s immune system and properly regulate hormone productions. These classes of foods are so vital that certain metabolisms of the body won’t occur without them. To have a beautiful skin, the essential vitamins that are mentioned here should be noted very well.

Essential Vitamins #1

Intake of vitamins is crucial as they work in ensuring balance in hormonal productions as well as in protecting cellular membranes so that they would not be affected by harmful radicals. It has been found out that vitamin A will help to minimize the possibility of having bad skin conditions. Some good sources of vitamin are: carrots, orange, eggs, leafy vegetables like spinach and watercress broccoli.

Essential Vitamins #2

Secondly, an intake of zinc-rich diet is good to maintain a healthy skin. Zinc cuts down inflammation, boosts immunity, and also regulates hormone productions. Zinc-rich diets will help to increase the amount of the white blood cells since they are essential to keep off bacteria infections from the body. Examples of zinc-rich diets are whole grains, pumpkin seeds and yeast.

Essential Vitamins #3

Magnesium is also effective in ensuring a healthy skin texture. It is vital to body metabolisms. It helps to have relief from stress. Stress is proven to be a cause of acne on the skin. Magnesium works for the good health of heart and its blood circulation as well as its blood pressure. Healthy blood implies a healthy skin. Magnesium-rich diets include seafood, meat, green leafy vegetable, nuts, potatoes, dairy products, and bananas.

Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin

Essential Vitamins #4

Potassium-rich diets are good as natural agents for skin care purposes. Potassium builds body muscles; it enhances kidney function. It also converts body glucose to energy. It’s a general belief that acne usually breaks out from deficiencies in potassium due to excess intake of caffeine, excessive use of salt in food, anemia, and diabetes. Taking potassium supplements can help to minimize symptoms of acne problem.

Essential Vitamins #5

Chromium-rich diets are also good for your skin. Chromium regulates the blood sugar. Some sources of chromium are molasses and yeast.

In respect of these skin care secrets for a beautiful skin, note that excessive consumption of vitamins can pose some side effects over time. Be moderate. If you will be taking vitamin supplements, it’s better to consult with a physician.