Hi all, first post here...I'm at the end of my tether so i'll try to be coherent.

BASICS- 46 year old male, don't dink or smoke, exercise 3/4 times a week - eat quite healthy but have a really really bad sweet tooth, usually at night. eat a lot of fruit during the week. diet not really too bad, drink black coffee and plenty of water

START- last year I noticed tiny red spots on my feet after running, I thought it was just burst vessels, no pain or irritation etc. they came and went a few times.

5 WEEKS AGO - i was ill, cold type (runny nose, sore throat, lasted about a week and I took Sudafed for first time in my life.

10 WEEKS AGO - I take Citalopram (Accord) and Omeprazole, I noticed the tablets were a little different, especially the Citalopram as they were harder to break.

This brings me to my rash, it really flared up after i was ill 5 week ago, no irratation at all started on feet and ankles then one day after work it was literally up my legs, and even a few on my penis, glass test didn't fade so i went to A&E, they did bloods, waited a few hours and doctor said it was a vasculitis type disease that needs to be followed up with doctor, he sent me off with 5 days steriod course.

My Doctor said it was HSP and i should finish the steroids, carry on as normal it will just fade.

PRESENT DAY - the steroids faded it a little but straight after i got another flare up, this time feet, legs, trunk, buttocks worse than first one. this has been a pattern for the past 5/6 weeks. The rash fades, then it comes back.

Doctor thinks its related to the Citalopram chemist have given me a different brand (Actavis) and said the inactive ingredients are different. Ive stopped the Omeprazole this week, cut out sugar and just sticking to fruit.

Monday was good, didn't have fruit, wore trainers - no rash
Tuesday was good - work from home in the sun - no rash
Wednesday went to work different shoes and fruit - RASH!!
Thursday - started new brand citalopram and posted on here

​It seems that whatever it is - something is triggering it - can't be stress as i worry at the weekend it will flare and it doesn't, doesn't flare after the gym either..it seems to be when i go to work with foot wear , trousers etc...I tried no socks last week and it really erupted...I really don't get it..HSP isn't supposed to be an allergic type rash.

PLEASE if anyone has any ideas??