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    Default tiny foreskin spots spreading - HPV?

    hi, I have started to notice TINY white spots under my foreskin when it is retracted.

    They appear mostly on the sides/underneath, mainly clustered around the larger veins.

    I believe they are STD related, since I first noticed only 1 or 2 clustered together exactly 2 days after unprotected sex with a new partner. I continued this for about a week but then started to use condoms when I noticed the problem spreading.

    It has been around 10 weeks since I first noticed the first few spots but they have undoubtedly grown in number, spreading around to other parts of the foreskin than the area they first appeared.

    I did not have these before. I looked online for info and the closest thing they look like are some of the pics I have seen of fordyce spots / subaceous glands, but I believe that they might actually be some kind of HPV or virus because of their timing (directly after my first time having unprotected sex - I wasn't very active sexually beforehand and always used protection).

    I have showered with soap and water each day in and tried to keep the area dry in an attempt to clear this but it only seems to be spreading.

    I have attached pics. Can somebody please help me identify what this could be since it is causing me to worry a lot.


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    Hi Antsy!
    Welcome to DermaTalk. Your condition seems like fordyce spots to me as well. Which benign growth of sebaceous glands. Genital Herpes are the grouped vesicles like manifestation. You do not need to worry,they are completely normal.

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    Thanks, i had ruled out herpes. I'm mainly concerned it might have been some form of warts. If the are fordyce do you have any suggestion on what i can try and do to stop them spreading, or go away. I never had these before, but they have been spreading a lot the past few months since the first dot appeared.

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    Seriously? Some photos dont look like fordyce spots.

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    Default What are they

    Quote Originally Posted by JC! View Post
    Seriously? Some photos dont look like fordyce spots.

    Did you ever get diagnosed? I don't think these are Fordyce spots. I have something similar.

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    Did you ever found out what it was?
    Did you have it diagnosed?

    I have the exact same thing...

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    Selfish OP's as always

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    Quote Originally Posted by bisserke View Post
    Did you ever found out what it was?
    Did you have it diagnosed?

    I have the exact same thing...
    Yes I visited a doctor. He said it was fordyce spots, not any STD. There is nothing to worry about apparently. Nothing he could do about it, except suggest a beautician or skin clinic who might know a cream that could help.

    This eased my mind and i took his word for it. My GF also got an check which shows no STDs, she's clean (but these dont check for HPV so its impossible to know if it isnt some kind of tiny warts). The appearance hasnt changes since i posted - the spots havnt gone away but they havnt spread or gotten any worse.

    It might just be something costmetic that might not go away, and the doctor said it was normal told me it was fordyce spots (without me offering any hints), that it wasn't warts.

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    Hi, it looks as though I've got the same issue, but I've some questions.

    1) Do they feel almost as if there's tiny beads inside of them?
    (Please test this by taking both your thumb and index finger, pinch the spots lightly, and roll your fingers together back and forth)

    2) When you masturbate, or have intercourse do they feel somewhat irritated?
    (Slightly itchy)

    3) Do they look slightly more raised than the bigger foredyce spots on the shaft of the penis?
    (Do they look more like pimples from a side angle)

    I ask of you these questions because I have what seems to be the same condition, except there's a tad bit more of them. I have a fairly large granule of what I believe are these foredyce spots in the back, and they get tinier almost like yours as they surround they underside of my foreskin. When I reach the front of my foreskin there's the same thing, but way fewer, and much smaller. Only difference with the few that are in the front is that they feel lightly irritated after masturbation, I'm thinking that has to do with the skin being tighter in the front where as in back there's more room. I've had this for about three years now, and it's only changed a tiny bit. I would go to a dermatologist, or a doctor but there's a stigma that's come with this, and I cannot bring myself to do so. If you could answer these questions ASAP it would be much appreciated.

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