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    Default How can i get rid of sunburn

    can anyone has better way to get rid of sunburn quickly please help

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    Get a bowl with some ice cubes and salt on it.get a face towel and soak it on bowl with ice water.and apply the towel on the affected area,this might help

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    What I do on getting sunburns is, apply a mixture of curd and tomato pulp in a paste form on the affected parts and it provides me instant relief. Moreover, curd and tomato pulp are also known to lessen the pigmentation caused by those burns. Try will surely help you.

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    Some soothing compresses relieve sunburn. You can use cold water and skimmed milk [1 cup of milk and 4 cups of water with ice cubes in it] or apple cider vinegar in compressed form to ease discomfort.

    The juice of freshly cut aloe alleviates pain, but should not be used on severe blisters, as an infection can result.

    Also you can sit in a tub filled with cool water in which a cup of corn-starch has been mixed for good result.

    Plain yogurt smeared on the skin is very soothing. So is a compress of lettuce leaves in water. Boil some lettuce leaves in water. Cool it in the fridge, soak a towel in it, rinse the towel out and place over the heated skin it will give comfort. Drink lots of water and follow a balanced diet.

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    Oh thank you .i actually used cold ice and worked like a charm.thanks all for suggestions.

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    well, first of should have worn sunscreen! lol. anyway, put some aloe on it because i calms your skin and most aloe gels out there have a cooling thing added to them, which helps relieve you.

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    Use Sunscreen and try to cover your face with viel and wear glove in extreme sun hours.

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    thanks chicque and humid hey wht is viel is it somekind of lotion or...sorry for my bad english.. is it sun veil..

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    Default How can i get rid of sunburn.

    apply mixture of curd and multani mitti.

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    Not to plug a certain product, but my husband got me hooked on Banana Boat's After the Sun Lotion. It is amazing! I am a freckled redhead and even with sunscreen, I still burn. The after the sun lotion really helped me to heal in just a day!

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