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    Default Egg oil to stay young forever

    Ageing may be inevitable, but the rate at one ages is in one’s hands. While it is true that genes may be partially responsible for determining the time at which ageing could start, ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ are the key to slow down the process.
    Cells, the most basic body unit, are at the centre of any discussion about ageing. Except for the cells of the heart, nerves, and muscles which cannot reproduce, all other cells have short life spans and are continually replaced by new cells in the body. Over time, cell death outpaces cell production, leaving the body with fewer cells.
    As a result, we are less capable of repairing the wear and tear on the body and our immune system is compromised. We become more susceptible to infections and less proficient at seeking out and destroying mutant cells that could cause cancerous tumors.

    What causes ageing:
    Free radicals are destructive marauders roving the body, ready to pounce on healthy cells. They are produced as part of the millions of chemical reactions the body performs to sustain life. Our body also makes them in response to environmental toxins such as excessive amounts of unprotected sunlight and cigarette smoke. Free radicals oxidize the cells in the body.
    As unbalanced, reactive oxygen species (ROS), they sacrifice healthy cells to make themselves more stable. In doing so, free radicals destroy or alter the DNA -- the cell's genetic blueprint -- and disrupt many other cell functions. Free radicals may kill cells as a result of their marauding, or they may give rise to mutant cells that can lead to chronic conditions including cancer and heart disease. Fortunately, the body maintains a sophisticated defense system against free radicals comprising of enzymes like catalase, which destroy the free radicals.
    A strong immune system is our body's most important defense against germs and toxins. White cells engulf and destroy potential pests such as bacteria and viruses. And they manufacture antibodies -- the ‘soldiers’ that patrol the bloodstream, attacking and disarming any substance they don't recognize as the body's own. Problem is, the immune system becomes less efficient with time and fewer antibodies are produced, increasing infection risk.
    What's more, the body may turn on itself by producing antibodies that destroy its own tissue. When that happens, autoimmune disease, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, is the result.
    One natural ingredient that works wonders in slowing down the ageing process is Egg oil – oil extracted from chicken eggs.

    How Egg Oil inhibits the ageing process:
    Egg Oil influences the production and sequestering of free radicals. In a scientific study done on human skin cells, it was found that after 24 h Egg Oil-treated cells produced less ROS. Egg oil increases the production of catalase which acts as a scavenger of free radicals or ROS.
    Also, Egg oil stimulates breathing of cells. Cells incubated with egg oil overnight showed an increase in oxygen consumption. More oxygen means more energy for the cell.
    Studies have shown that Egg oil stimulates re-epithelization. In an experiment, skin cells were grown to confluency and a rim was left free of cells. On incubating with Egg oil for two days, this previously cell-free area was covered by growing cells. Hence, a speeding up of cell growth was observed.
    Whenever there is any injury or infection, inflammation ensues. Inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli and to initiate the healing process. Redness, heat or fever and swelling are all signals for the white blood cells to gear up for action. The major mediator of inflammatory response is a molecule called interleukin 8 or IL 8. Egg oil has been found to stimulate the release of IL 8.

    Where can you get Egg oil:
    Among other processes, one way of extracting oil from eggs is a cold process technology that preserves the therapeutic properties of the extract thus making it very suitable for several applications in dermatology and cosmetology. In fact, Egg oil extracted in such a manner is usually free of egg proteins and therefore can be used easily even by people who are allergic to eggs. A Mumbai-based biotechnology research firm VAV Lifesciences has developed the patented technology and the product Oleova is available in the market. Oleova can be directly applied on the skin and its consistent application could slow down the process of ageing.
    VAV Life Sciences is a pioneering name in the field of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs), food ingredients and nutritional supplements.

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    Aging is a natural process. We can't stop it but we can reduce the sign of aging by proper care of skin. You have given the good tips for skin care and get the aging sign free skin.

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    Your information about egg oil is valuable and useful. Thanks for sharing.

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