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    **Wilson Sara** Female

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    Aug 2011


    Here are some tips to get rid from stress......
    1)Take time to meditate from this you can get relief.
    2)Practice meditation in a quiet place.
    3)Simply focus on your breathing.
    4)Make regular meditation a habit.......

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    Start talking to people, share your feelings with your family and keep your self busy with doing some task. You can perform some kind of yoga and meditation.

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    I do suffer from same problem just few days back, i just get rid of it by changing the environment it really make me away from stress and made me fresh.
    Along with that meditation, yoga will also help you to get out of it.

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    **Carleen** Female

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    Apr 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by chinee View Post
    I am very stressful now a days without any reasons at all. I wanna know how to get rid of stress or if not how to just lessen it. Perhaps some of you can give me some tips on how.
    Stress is that scentless, tasteless poison you don't know you've ingested too much of until you start to see the symptoms..
    Gritting your teeth, tightness in your chest, headaches, lack of concentration, pains in strange places, muscle twitching, muscle cramps, blurred vision, and even panic attacks are all symptoms of someone who is dealing with too much stress.
    Some stress management tips i wanna share with you:
    -Productivity and activity will help reduce stress, as long as it's for yourself.
    -Writing a to-do list will help reduce stress.
    -Learning to communicate with others effectively will reduce stress.
    -Relieving yourself of bad habits like smoking and drinking will reduce your stress dramatically.
    -Eating natural, fresh foods can reduce stress.
    -Be busy don't let your mind think you are stressed.

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    **Brenda** Female

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    very well said Carleen.

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    **crystaldrapery hardware** Male

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    Now-a-days it is common disease and seen everywhere. To get rid of this sufferings there are many facts below:
    1-Always take your favorite drink. Drink it slow or drink it fast; just enjoy it.
    If stress is holding you back from life, talk to a doctor about ways to help deal with it.
    2-Laugh! Watch a funny movie or sitcom. Hang out with a funny dude. Look up stupid videos on YouTube.
    3- Think about what really matters and what your ultimate goals are. How will you reach them?
    4- Help someone else in need. Not only will you benefit others, but you will also be blessed in the process.
    5-Always walk in the early morning.

    6-Relax in a long shower or bath.
    Try to follow this ..whereas you may be.

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    **john** Male

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    keep yourself busy in some activity like exercise,music,talk with family,play with your son etc.Because idle mind is the place of depression and stress.When ever i depress i would like to do exercise spend more time on it,thing about happy movements of my life which makes me happy and keep positive.

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    **Robort** Male

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    Stress is the part of our life.Sometime we feel stress without any reason.I have faced this many time.But don't worry you can get rid from it.
    Sit alone for sometime and think about yourself why are you feel it.
    Go for walk in morning and do exercise.Yoga is one of the best exercise for relieving stress.Try to live simple life,don't involve in complicated matters.

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    If you are facing a stress problem,then take a useful steps to get back from a meditation and exercise to reduce stress.make yourself busy with others and spend time with your family.

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    **alina** Female

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    Sep 2012

    Default rid on stress

    Take your own time to enjoy your favorite games or music or anything which can give you some relax.

    Always try to do your favorite works while idle time. Do daily excercise and healthy eating including plenty of water, will also lead to a healthy body and mind so you feel good from the inside out.

    Good luck!

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